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Despite having a Below Deck Mediterranean season under his belt, deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers still had to adjust to being filmed when he returned for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7.

He compared the experience to returning to school after summer break and had to not only get used to the cameras but navigate the new personalities after his first season of harmony on deck.

Mzi Dempers admits to feeling a little shy on camera when he returned to ‘Below Deck Med’

“I think you’re always gonna feel like the cameras are there on your first day. Like the first day of school when you’re trying to introduce yourself to someone,” he laughed during an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “It’s like OK, I’m a little bit shy. I’ve done this before, but I’m a little bit shy. I’m in a new school.” This year, Captain Sandy Yawn is at the helm of M/Y Home, which runs on hybrid power.

Mzi 'Zee' Dempers from 'Below Deck Med' appeared on 'WWHL' from a remote location
Mzi ‘Zee’ Dempers | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

While Dempers had to get reacquainted with the new yacht and crew, his first-day jitters quickly faded. “I’m still shy,” he said. “So I think you are always going to feel that the cameras are there. But you do tend to get used to it. And I think being through it before obviously makes it a lot easier to adjust. So on the first day, it’s like, whoa. Orientation. But after a little bit, it tends to go away.”

Not every ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 7 crew member was new for Mzi this year

Not every crew member was a new face for Dempers. In addition to Yawn, Dempers arrived with a friend from home, deckhand Storm Smith. “We used to be water polo competitors,” Dempers shared. He then jokingly roasted his friend.

“And Storm always looked like he was 40 years older than I did,” he laughed. “He was hairy like Chewbacca. Very Chewbacca-like. And, yes, we always question Storm’s age. I remember because we were on different teams. Like, ‘Is that guy actually legal?’ ‘Is he supposed to be playing against us? And not someone’s dad?’ That kind of vibe.”

Dempers added, “And I mean, working with him, obviously, you get that sense of comfort and that sense of home as soon as you see somebody that you know.”

He returns this season as a more experienced yachtie

Last season, Dempers arrived as a very green deckhand. Below Deck Med fans are going to see him as a more seasoned yachtie this year. “Since last season, I came back home and I’ve been instructing courses for aspiring deckhands. Like a deckhand course, which takes them through the steps of what it sort of entails to get on deck overseas. And then I was teaching people how to drive tenders. And then jet ski courses. Then also just spending time with family going away on little breaks and holidays when I can.”

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He also stayed in close touch with the Below Deck Med Season 6 crew. “Generally we all have remained pretty close. When I came home in November, Courtney (Veale) came to visit me, which was special,” Dempers recalled. “And then Katie (Flood) was here because she was seeing somebody else who lives here. So myself, Katie, and Courtney hung out for like a month. And then Katie stayed on longer. So we still kept hanging out for another month. And then haven’t actually been able to see anybody else in person. But we still like our WhatsApp group, which is very alive.”

Dempers teased that the new crew is very different from last year’s group and to stay tuned.

Below Deck Med Season 7 premieres Monday, July 11 at 8/7c on Bravo. Peacock will offer early access to Season 7 with new episodes dropping one-week early beginning Monday, July 4.

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