‘Nancy Drew’: George and Nick’s Relationship Will Be Tested in Season 2

Nancy Drew is finally back for its second season on The CW. The show will pick up where the finale left off and continue to follow the Aglaeca’s curse. But there is one romantic shift fans might see. According to showrunners Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau, George and Nick may be headed for some relationship hurdles. 

Leah Lewis and Tunji Kasim on 'Nancy Drew'
Leah Lewis and Tunji Kasim on ‘Nancy Drew’

Nick and George started dating in season 1 of ‘Nancy Drew’

Nancy Drew started out teasing a long-running romance between Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and Ned, aka Nick (Tunji Kasim). But their relationship was bogged down by their individual secrets and Nancy’s obsession with finding out the truth about Lucy Sable. 

Nancy and Nick split but stayed friends. Nancy sparked a new romance with Owen (Miles Gaston Villanueva) — who was eventually killed by the Aglaeca — and Nick connected with George (Leah Lewis).

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George and Nick decide to keep their budding romance a secret. But when George realizes she can’t be intimate because of her past issues with Ryan (Riley Smith), their relationship begins to strain. However, in the finale, George confronts Ryan about the way he treated her. After gaining a sense of closure and healing, she decides she’s finally ready to move forward with Nick. 

‘Nancy Drew’ showrunners tease relationship problems for Nick and George

In a recent interview with EW, Nancy Drew showrunners Melinda Hsu Taylor, and Noga Landau talked about season 2 and where the characters are headed. When addressing Nick and George’s relationship, the two teased there are some tough times to come. 

“The Nick and George romance is one of the love stories that we’re most excited to bring to life because it’s really honoring who the characters are in our show, but it’s also so different from how it was in the original canon,” Landau said.

“Not to spoil everything, but their relationship gets truly tested this season, right at the moment when they’re most falling in love with each other, that’s the moment when there are forces that are really driving them apart and complicating their lives,” Taylor added. “At the beginning of the season, they’re facing the fact that they might get killed by the Aglaeca. And that’s a really bad time to be in the throes of a new relationship.”

Season 2 will also present new mysteries

The first season of Nancy Drew ended early due to the pandemic. So, for season 2, the show will continue the story from the finale. The last we saw Nancy and her friends, they were getting visions of their deaths due to the Aglaeca’s curse. And they were trying to find a way to stop the creature from killing them the same way it did Owen. 

The new season will initially focus on the Aglaeca. But according to Landau, it will also evolve and feature brand new mysteries.

“Without giving too many spoilers away, the Aglaeca story launches the season, but it actually has many twists and turns that keep it as a thread that keeps going throughout the season in ways that you don’t expect while a bunch of new mysteries move in and take over,” Landau told EW. “So the season is not just about the Aglaeca, it’s about parts of the Aglaeca but also a whole bunch of new mysteries that come sweeping into Nancy’s life.”

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.