‘Nancy Drew’ Season 3: What Temperance Hudson’s Arrival Means for Nancy

The CW’s supernatural mystery series, Nancy Drew, brought a brand new villain to Horseshoe Bay in its season 2 finale. Temperance Hudson is back from the dead, and showrunners tease she’ll become a true foe for Nancy in season 3. 

Kennedy McMann in 'Nancy Drew'
Kennedy McMann in ‘Nancy Drew’ | The CW Network/Youtube

Temperance Hudson is resurrected in the ‘Nancy Drew’ season 2 finale  

In the final episode of season 2, Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) and the Drew crew race to find a cure to her wraith problem before she gets killed. They come to learn that Nancy’s ancestor, Temperance Hudson (Bo Martynowska), was the one who created the monster. So they head to her distant relative, Myrtle Hudson’s (Marilyn Norry) house, to find the artifact that can kill it. 

After Nancy successfully uses the machine to get rid of the wraith, she heads back to Horseshoe Bay with her friends, suspecting all went well. But what Nancy doesn’t know is that Myrtle kept some of her blood and used it to resurrect as Temperance. 

The final scene of the episode shows Temperance potentially gaining back her powers. And after sending Nancy a cryptic message, she makes her way to Horseshoe Bay. 

Showrunners reveal Temperance is a sociopath

From banshees to wraiths, Nancy has faced all kinds of supernatural foes. But according to Nancy Drew showrunners Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau, Temperance is a different type of monster altogether.

She’s a sociopath and an unrepentant one,” Hsu Taylor told EW. “Everybody else that we’ve ever encountered, aside from supernatural entities, has been a little bit veiled about what they’re doing, or maybe seems to be redeemable at some point, or is redeemable, but they’re just kind of a grounded opponent with flaws and vulnerabilities of their own.”

“Temperance is just like, “I’m a villain. What do you expect from me? I’m a villain. I’m the villain,” she added. “But in a very delicious way, which I think is going to be a lot of fun.”

Temperance Hudson will be Nancy’s Darth Vader in ‘Nancy Drew’ season 3

In their chat with EW, Hsu Taylor and Landau suggested Temperance won’t just be Nancy’s new enemy when Nancy Drew returns for season 3. She’ll become the sleuth’s ultimate nemeses. 

This is a true, real enemy for her for the first time in human form, who also happens to be her 200-year-old great aunt times eight,” said Landau. “It’s a lot like if Nancy is Luke Skywalker then she finally met her Darth Vader, someone who is so much more powerful than her, connected to her by blood, emotional entanglement. It’s just going to be a really, really awesome ride for these two characters.”


Is ‘Nancy Drew’ Canceled or Renewed for Season 3?

The showrunners also noted that Temperance has the upper hand on Nancy already, which means she’ll have the jump on her in the season 3 premiere. 

While an official premiere date for season 3 of Nancy Drew hasn’t been announced, the show is on The CW’s primetime slate for 2021-2022. The series’ new time slot will be Fridays, at 9 p.m. EST.