‘Nancy Drew’: Who Killed Celia Hudson?

With only two episodes left in the season, Nancy Drew gave fans a shock to think about. In the May 19 episode of the CW series, Nancy (Kennedy McMann) discovers her grandmother, Celia Hudson (Teryl Rothery) murdered. 

Immediately, Nancy eyes Everett Hudson (Andrew Airlie) as the killer. But some fans think her suspicions might be off. So, if Everett didn’t kill Celia, who did?

'Nancy Drew'
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Celia Hudson is murdered in ‘Nancy Drew,’ Season 2, Episode 

In the Nancy Drew, season 2 episode, “The Purloined Keys,” Nancy is supposed to have an early meeting with Celia to discuss the plans to tell Everett she’s his granddaughter. But when Nancy shows up, she finds Everett there.

He tells her that Celia is busy with party planning, and insists she take on a case for him. Knowing Ryan (Riley Smith) and Nick (Tunji Kasim) could be in Everett’s crosshairs, she takes on the case. 

And while the Drew crew is figuring out what Everett’s been hiding, Nancy pays another afternoon visit to her grandmother at a flower shop. The two meet briefly, but Celia seems to be slightly disconnected from everything Nancy is saying.

Then, in the evening, when Nancy makes it to the swanky Hudson affair, she encounters Celia, who is still dressed in her day clothes. Still slightly incoherent, Celia leads Nancy to the back of the venue, where she finds Celia’s dead bloody body tied up and hanging by ropes. 

Horrified, Nancy realizes that the Celia she’s been talking to all day is a ghost. When she directly asks Celia’s spirit if Everett killed her, she says she can’t remember. The only thing Celia’s ghost is clear about is that Everett may have found out about her and Nancy’s secret.

Nancy thinks Everett is to blame

Knowing how many people Everett has already killed, Nancy Drew immediately suspects he killed Celia. She makes it into his limo, tasers him, and asks Gil to drive them away. 

One of the main reasons she thinks Everett is to blame is Celia’s repeated mention of him finding out about their secret. Nancy assumes that Everett found out Celia was hiding the truth of Nancy’s biological relationship to the family, and possibly killed her for a lack of loyalty. 

Some ‘Nancy Drew’ fans don’t think Everett killed Celia

After seeing Celia’s body strung up the way it was, some Nancy Drew fans suspect Everett is not the killer at all. His kills are far more discreet, as just earlier that day, he had his accountant’s death look like a suicide. 

“The way Celia died isn’t Everette’s style, she was posed and left out in the open almost like she was meant to be found as a warning,” one Reddit fan wrote. 


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“I’m also not entirely convinced that he murdered Celia,” another Redditor added. “I mean…if he was capable of killing her, wouldn’t he have done so back when she was having an affair? And you’re right—her manner of death does not seem like his style at all (he seems to like to make things look like accidents). I think someone/something else killed her. Maybe supernatural-related, maybe not…”

If it’s not Everett, there are a number of people in Nancy’s orbit that could be the killer. Hopefully, fans will find out who is responsible before the season ends.