Natalia Dyer and I Share ‘Crunchy Feelings’ About How Nancy’s Relationship With Jonathan Started Behind Steve’s Back in ‘Stranger Things’

Like many other Stranger Things fans, I want to know who Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) will end up with: Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) or Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). Their love triangle has become a highly debated topic in the fandom, but I have what Dyer called a “crunchy feeling” about the way Jonathan and Nancy — Jancy, if you will — came to be. Here’s what the actor said about her character’s showmance, plus the hopes I have for Stancy in Stranger Things 5.

Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) holds Nancy's (Natalia Dyer) face in 'Stranger Things'
Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers and Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler | Netflix

Nancy and Jonathan first hook up in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 6

In “The Spy,” Nancy and Jonathan team up with Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman), the private investigator hired by the Hollands to find Barb (Shannon Purser). Convinced the Russians had something to do with Barb’s disappearance, Murray agrees to help Nancy and Jonathan take down Hawkins Lab. 

After they procure damning evidence, Nancy, Jonathan, and Murray toast to their success. Ultimately, Nancy and Jonathan decide to stay the night and Murray offers them his guest room, but Jonathan asks for the sofa. Confused, Murray laughs them off when they say they’re just friends. 

Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Murray (Brett Gelman), and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) in 'Stranger Things 2'
Natalia Dyer as Nancy, Brett Gelman as Murray, and Charlie Heaton as Jonathan | Netflix

The two wake up bothered by Murray’s comments in the middle of the night. After an awkward conversation, they end up kissing and spending the night together. 

Natalia Dyer ‘can’t believe’ how Nancy ended up with Jonathan in ‘Stranger Things 2’ 

In an interview with Variety, Dyer talks about how her character and Steve have “come so far” in Stranger Things. She can see Nancy being single for a while, especially having been in relationships throughout every season of Stranger Things. Whatever Nancy does, Dyer hopes she does it “with integrity.” 

“I personally had some crunchy feelings about how the whole Jonathan thing started sort of behind Steve’s back,” Dyer said. She added: “I can’t believe she did that. I mean, I can.” Same, sis. 

Was Stancy through by the time Nancy and Jonathan kissed?

At that point in Stranger Things 2, things were unclear between Nancy and Steve. Sure, she called their relationship “bulls***” when she got too drunk at a party. And yes, she relied on Jonathan a lot when it came to looking into Barb’s death. However, she and Steve never actually called it quits.

That gray area could be why Steve’s still holding out hope on Nancy. Also, I’m not pointing fingers and saying anyone’s wrong or right in this situation, because Stancy had their issues. But so did Jancy! Like Dyer said in her interview, perhaps Nancy would benefit from being alone for a while.

Steve and Nancy could rekindle their romance in ‘Stranger Things 5’ 

Nancy might need some time to do some soul-searching, but I’m still pulling for a Stancy reunion in Stranger Things 5. After Steve’s confession to Nancy about wanting a family of six, it could totally happen. But Steve could also be at risk of getting killed in Stranger Things 5 whether he and Nancy get back together or not. If they did, his death would sting even more because of how long he’s held out hope to rekindle that relationship. 

Nancy (Natalia Dyer) speaks with Steve (Joe Keery) in 'Stranger Things'
Natalia Dyer as Nancy and Joe Keery as Steve | Netflix

Despite the rumored five deaths that were supposed to happen in Stranger Things 4, only three characters were killed off. This could mean even more carnage in the final season of the Netflix series — re: one or more beloved characters might be on the chopping block. 

There’s just enough time left for that to happen, especially since Nancy and Jonathan drifted apart in Stranger Things 4. Only time will tell, and we’ve got a lot of time to wait until Stranger Things 5

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