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Nate & Jeremiah’s New Show’: Jeremiah Brent Reveals What It’s Like to Work With Husband Nate Berkus – ‘He’s My Favorite Person’

Jeremiah Brent from 'Nate & Jeremiah Home Project' dished with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about what it is really like to work side by side with a spouse. He also shared why this new show is special and offered a few home design tips anyone can make right now.

Jeremiah Brent, half of the power design couple from HGTV’s Nate & Jeremiah Home Project recently revealed what it’s really like to work with husband Nate Berkus, sharing that he’s his favorite person of all. The design duo has worked closely together on a slew of projects. They have a few hit design series, designer lines, two children, and a house filled with projects they work on together. But at the end of the day, Brent says that Berkus is the only person he wants to take this journey with by his side. Brent also dished about the new show and offered a few design tips anyone can make to their home.

Nate & Jeremiah find a way to make a new show and marriage gel in harmony

Brent chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet and joked about how his answer to how he works with his spouse isn’t that interesting. “But he’s my favorite person of all,” Brent said. “He’s my best friend. I love him madly. We love creating. I mean sometimes I’m like, I’m tired of hearing your voice [laughs]. But we love it. And we both get to do what we love.”

Nate & Jeremiah new show brings the design duo back together again on TV
Nate & Jeremiah new show brings the design duo back together again on TV |Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Living Spaces

“Which is what I’m so grateful for,” he added. “You know, we go to bed talking about design. We wake up talking about it. But he’s the easy part. He’s fine. He’s annoying [laughs again]. But I love him. He’s a special kind of annoying.”

Nate and Jeremiah have a new show, ‘Nate & Jeremiah Home Project’

The design duo are working side by side again on a new HGTV show, Nate & Jeremiah Home Project. Brent described how the show is different from other shows. Plus why he is so excited. “We’re really excited,” he said. “So the show is basically about people. It’s a design show not about us. It’s a design show that’s actually about design. Which I’m very excited about because every [design] show on television is how quickly, how fast … move on, transactions.”

“This show is about meeting people,” he reflected on the new show. “Understanding who they are through their things. Helping them move through a transition in their life. Sometimes great. Sometimes terrible. Getting to know them and hopefully transforming their home in a way they didn’t know was possible. I always say our story is a love story. It’s how we show love through design as a family.”

Jeremiah Brent has a few easy ways to make big home changes

Berkus offered a few ways to make a stale space fresh again. One easy way to make a big change is to repurpose rooms.  “I think the best thing you can do is shift everything in the house,” he shared. “Which sounds weird, but in our own home, we had a formal dining room and I’m like, who the hell is using this? We’re not entertaining any time soon. And so the formal dining room became a seating area where we got coffee or had a glass of wine. It became a whole different moment.”


Jeremiah Brent From ‘Nate & Jeremiah by Design’ Reveals How to Beautify and Streamline Your Space

Another idea to help get started is to concentrate on the spaces in your home where you have the most important moments of your day. “What’s the three most important moments of your day?” he asked. “Or if it’s a room, what are the three most important moments that you want to have in that space? And start thinking about consciously how you want that house to serve you. I wouldn’t start with a color. And I wouldn’t start with a pillow. I would start with the emotion and the feeling that you want to experience in that space and build it out from there.”