‘Nathan for You’: Did Nathan Fielder Actually Graduate From One of Canada’s Top Business Schools With Really Good Grades?

At the start of every Nathan For You episode on Comedy Central, the creator of the show, Nathan Fielder, begins the episode with a voiceover during the opening credits bragging about his academic achievements and boasting about his “really good grades.” So, how true is it? Did Fielder graduate from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades? Here’s what we know.

Nathan Fielder wearing an comically large suit on 'Nathan For You'.
Nathan Fielder, ‘Nathan For You’ | Comedy Central

Where did Nathan Fielder go to school?

A loose parody of business-guru programs like Restaurant Makeover and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen NightmaresNathan for You sees Fielder persuade struggling business owners to try ideas his outlandish ideas.

Nathan Fielder graduating college as seen in the intro of 'Nathan For You' on Comedy Central.
Nathan Fielder, ‘Nathan For You’ | Comedy Central

Every episode of Fielder’s hit Comedy Central series Nathan For You begins with a voiceover: “My name is Nathan Fielder, and I graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades.” As it turns out, Fielder’s claims are mostly true.

According to The Globe and Mail, the comedian graduated from Canada’s University of Victoria in 2005 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. The University of Victoria is one of Canada’s leading universities, and so far, his claims check out. However, his grades may not be considered “really good.”

Are those Nathan Fielder’s actual grades in the ‘Nathan For You’ intro?

In the Nathan For You Series finale, ‘Finding Frances,’ Nathan addresses whether or not the grades shown in the intro were his or not. In season 4, while helping his resident Bill Gates impersonator, Bill Heath find his long-lost love, Frances Gaddy, in Arkansas, he hired a local escort, Maci, to teach Bill how to be around women.

Fielder began hanging out with Maci one-on-one and even showed her his show, Nathan For You. Maci asks Fielder, “Was that actually your grades?” He nods yes, affirming that the transcripts shown in the intro are, in fact, his actual college transcripts.

Nathan Fielder's transcripts for college seen in the intro of 'Nathan For You' on Comedy Central.
‘Nathan For You’ | Comedy Central

In the intro, his transcripts show that he had some A’s, B’s, and one C+, giving him a 3.3 GPA. Whether Fielder’s grades would be considered “really good” is subjective, but

Nathan Fielder puts his business degree to good use

After Fielder received his bachelor’s in commerce, he worked at a brokerage firm for eight months. But it wasn’t a good fit, and he ended up back in school at a different college. He went to Humber College, where he graduated in 2006 from their post-grad comedy program.

“I’m using my knowledge to help struggling small business owners make it in this competitive world,” Fielder says in the Nathan For You intro. And as it turns out, Fielder did manage to put his business and comedy degrees to good use with his Comedy Central show.

While maybe poo-flavored frozen yogurt wasn’t the best business decision, Fielder had a few good ideas that launched many struggling small businesses into pop culture stardom thanks to his strange and sometimes illegal ideas. Private investigator Brian Wolfe, who Nathan helped give him his first-ever Yelp review, now has his own TV show on ID discovery called Cry Wolfe.

While he didn’t take the traditional route most business graduates take, I’m sure his business professors would be proud.

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