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It’s National Coffee Day, and the drink is having a moment on social media thanks to September 29 being its unofficial holiday. What better way to celebrate than by pouring a mug and cozying up in front of the screen? A routine part of the day, coffee’s provided moments of respite, breakthroughs, and social camaraderie in some of your favorite movies. At times, it’s also been used as a weapon or for comedic relief. Check out these memorable java-themed scenes in film.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly holding a coffee cup in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ with Audrey Hepburn | Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Audrey Hepburn steps out a taxi with her cup of Joe and breakfast in hand during the opening scene for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Dressed to the nines, Hepburn’s Holly Golightly peeks into a Tiffany & Co. store window before heading to her apartment. Holly seems put together in those few first seconds, throughout the film, viewers learn she’s very flawed.  


Will Ferrell’s holiday classic found his character Buddy exploring New York and stopping for the world’s best cup of coffee. Later in Elf, he learns that coffee is not all it’s cracked up to be — unless it has syrup in it. In a hilarious contrast to the joy Buddy has in Elf, Ferrell gets into a fight at a coffee shop in one of his other movies, Kicking & Screaming.

‘The Usual Suspects’

Detective Kujan finally put all the pieces together in The Usual Suspects while sipping on a cup of coffee. As he unravels the false, yet clever tale about mastermind Keyser Soze, the camera zooms in on the mug in his hand as it drops to the floor. Why is this important? “Kobayashi” is printed on the cup’s bottom, indicating that Verbal Kint pulled a story detail right from the detective’s own hand.

‘You’ve Got Mail’

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks featured in multiple coffee shop scenes in You’ve Got Mail, including a sequence in Starbucks. Hanks’ Joe Fox bemoans the coffee shop experience in an online chat with Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly. But many fans loved the testy exchange between Kathleen and Joe in the blind date scene.

Ryan’s character sits and waits for her beau to show up. As she’s reading Pride and Prejudice with a rose on her table, Joe walks in and figures out they’re each other’s date. He doesn’t reveal it and teases her instead.


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‘Pulp Fiction’

Bonnie is responsible for the coffee in Pulp Fiction. As Jimmie, Quentin Tarantino angrily serves it up to Jules and Vinnie while going off about the dead body in his house. Before he leans into his rant, Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules compliments the coffee in one of the movie’s many quotable lines: “This is some serious gourmet sh*t.” We can’t share the expletive-laden scene in this post, but you can click the link above to watch it.