Naya Rivera Became ‘Addicted’ to ‘Teen Mom’ After Her Abortion

Glee star Naya Rivera shared her difficult experience after having an abortion at the age of 23. She said the abortion took place shortly after she broke up with ex-husband Ryan Dorsey when they were dating. Although Rivera and Dorsey got back together and had a son, she had a tough time living with her decision. Here’s what she said about that experience and how it led her to become “addicted” to Teen Mom.

Naya Rivera lived with regret

Naya Rivera | David Livingston/Getty Images
Naya Rivera | David Livingston/Getty Images

In her autobiography, Sorry, Not Sorry, Rivera said having an abortion was not an easy decision. She lived with regret for many years and revealed she didn’t heal emotionally from her experience.

I don’t think I ever emotionally healed from the abortion, which is why it is so mind-blowing that some people think having an abortion is the carefree girl’s number one choice to keep on partying. In reality, it is anything but an easy choice.

In some ways, I think choosing to have an abortion is almost harder than choosing to have your child, because you make that choice knowing, or at least suspecting, that many moments of your life will now be tinged with regret.

Naya Rivera in ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’

Why Naya Rivera became addicted to ‘Teen Mom’

Rivera said it was difficult to cope with life after her abortion. She said memories of the procedure were often triggered and she became obsessed with Teen Mom. The former Glee star said she was jealous of the girls on the show because they kept their babies. She admits watching the show became a sort of “punishment.”

Some of the triggers that got me thinking about my abortion were obvious things, like thinking about Ryan, but there were also triggers that seemed to come out of nowhere.

I became addicted to Teen Mom, and it was my favorite show because I was so jealous that they got to keep their kids. Watching it over and over was a way of punishing myself. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ I’d ask myself. These people have no money and they kept their child. You could have supported a kid.’

Naya Rivera in ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’

Naya Rivera said having an abortion was ‘traumatic’ and ‘painful’

Although Rivera went on to give birth to her son, Josey, she was still haunted by the past. “Having an abortion was the most traumatic experience of my life, and I did it when I was an adult, and with my mom by my side as an incredible pillar of support,” wrote Rivera. “She held my hand, both literally and metaphorically, throughout the entire process and made sure I knew that I was unconditionally loved by her and by God. And it was still hard.” Rivera also said the aftermath of the abortion was “the most painful experience” of her life.

Rivera also said harsh judgment usually comes with an unplanned pregnancy whether the mother has an abortion or chooses to proceed with the pregnancy. “The sad thing is that many women who find themselves suddenly facing an unplanned pregnancy will be judged no matter what it is they decide to do,” wrote Rivera. “Young, single mom? Judged. Abortion? Judged. There’s no way to win, to make a decision that feels wholly right.”

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