Naya Rivera Had Concerns About Big Sean After Their Engagement

Glee star Naya Rivera and rapper Big Sean were engaged in the spring of 2013 but broke off their engagement in April 2014. Here’s what Rivera said about the concerns she had after her engagement to Big Sean.

Naya Rivera said Big Sean was constantly traveling

Naya Rivera and Big Sean | Ben Cohen/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
Naya Rivera and Big Sean | Ben Cohen/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

In her book Sorry, Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, One of Rivera’s concerns was that Sean was away a lot. His travel schedule seemed more active than ever. Rivera said she was more than just annoyed by the situation. She considered Sean’s absence a major issue.

“It seemed like he spent more time out of state than in it,” wrote Rivera. “I hadn’t minded his constant travel or physical distance all that much before, but now that we were planning a wedding—a wedding that was his idea in the first place—not being able to get a hold of him was more than just an annoyance; it was a serious issue.”

Naya Rivera said she had a tough time getting Sean to participate in planning the wedding

According to Rivera, Sean didn’t want to participate in the wedding planning. She said he shied away from providing small things like a guest list. This proved to be challenging because many of Sean’s friends were rappers and they worked under aliases.

“Once the wedding became something real, it seemed like he wanted no part of it,” wrote Rivera. “I couldn’t even get a guest list out of him, which was a double pain in the ass because all these rappers had aliases! Like I knew what Wiz’s real name was!”

Nya Rivera said she was trying her best to be responsible  

Rivera said she was frustrated because it seemed like Sean wasn’t interested helping her. She felt he had checked out of the process, leaving her to fend for herself. Rivera said she would send texts about the wedding, but not get a timely response.

 So, there I was, trying to be a grown-up about a grownup thing and navigate all the practicalities like, ‘Where are we going to live? Are you moving into this house or should I sell this house? Let’s get this prenup signed. But I was doing it all on my own, and I might as well have been blasting my texts straight into outer space for all the response I was getting.

Naya Rivera in ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

Rivera also said she felt Sean wasn’t invested in the process because he is a rapper and wanted his freedom. According to her, planning a wedding wasn’t “sexy” enough for her soon-to-be-husband. “I was starting to see that the realities of a relationship just weren’t sexy to a rapper who wanted to have his cake and not just eat it too but spread frosting all over the place,” wrote Rivera.

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