‘NCIS’: Who Is Diona Reasonover’s Wife, Patricia Villetto?

If you’re a fan of “NCIS,” one thing you might wonder about is the love lives of the lead actors. Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about Diona Reasonover’s wife, Patricia Villetto.

Patricia Villetto works in the entertainment industry

Patricia Villetto and Diona Reasonover |  Vivien Killilea/WireImage
Patricia Villetto and Diona Reasonover | Vivien Killilea/WireImage

Villetto is a writer, actress, and producer. Some of her writing credits include “Second City This Week,” “Epic Cat Battles with Puss and Boots,” “Kung Fu Panda,” “Ben 10,” and “Camp Nick.” As far as acting, Villetto made appearances in “TMI Hollywood,” “Elijah’s Ashes,” and “Addicted to You.” Her production credits include “Camp Nick” and “Coded Court.”

What’s next for Villetto? On her Twitter page, she says she’s working on a comedy titled “Angelesbians.” Her description of the show is quite interesting. “It’s basically ‘Touched by an Angel’ meets ‘Always Sunny,’ but with lesbians,” Villetto posted.

Diona Reasonover says her wife helps her stay grounded

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Reasonover spoke about her relationship with Villetto. She said her wife helps her to say grounded. “She’s really cool, she’s really chill. She keeps me calm. Because I get really excited, and sometimes I get really nervous and very clumsy,” Reasonover said. “She does this thing sometimes where she [shushes me]. I know it doesn’t sound cute but it’s really cute when she does it,” joked Reasonover.

Diona Reasonover and Patricia Villetto are the parents of a cat with an unusual name

Reasonover and Villetto are parents to a cat they found in the machinery of Villetto’s car, reports the New York Post. Their fur baby was just six weeks old when she was rescued. Since the cat was found in this unusual hiding spot, the couple decided to name her Engine Cat.

Diona Reasonover’s relatives tried to give shampoo away at her wedding

Villetto and Reasonover’s wedding sounded like quite an event. Reasonover told “Parade” magazine her mother and aunt got free gifts during a taping of “The Talk,” and they tried to give them away at her wedding. Here’s the hilarious story she told “Parade”:

I got VIP tickets to take my mom to “The Talk.”  It was really cool. She was really happy. Dove was giving away dry shampoo that day and her and my aunt, I’m not kidding, they’re such hoarders, they each took 10 vials of dry shampoo. Then they were trying to give it away at my wedding because they couldn’t take it home with them on the plane. They were like, “Anybody want some dry shampoo? We’re going to toss the bouquet and also toss some dry shampoo if anybody wants some.” I was like, “Stop.”

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