‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Has Fans Bewildered Over 1 CBS Connection

The NCIS universe has been on an expansion course over the years, and with the new spinoff show, the franchise will keep growing. CBS announced that they would be developing a new spinoff show called NCIS: Hawaii, and while details about the cast and crew remain hush-hush, fans have noticed one connection the new CBS spinoff has with another one of the network’s show,

Mark Harmon and Sean Murray on the set of NCIS
Mark Harmon, Sean Murray | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

The NCIS stands for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The show is famous for being more than just a drama show because it provides viewers with occasional liberal doses of humor. NCIS focuses on the dynamics of how the NCIS team works to diffuse high-stress situations.

Under the leadership and supervision of special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the troupe works together to solve Washington DC crimes. Gibbs is a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant whose skills are unmatched. A man of few words and a keen eye, Gibbs only needs to look at the situation to know what happened and what to do.

The NCIS team is full of people with varying but colorful personalities. It involves Timothy McGee, Eleanor Bishop, Jack Sloane, Nicholas Torres, Donald Mallard, and Jimmy Palmer. All the members of the NCIS team have special qualifications which make them essential to the team.

They each contribute some special skills which in one way or another contributes to the team’s wellbeing and keeping criminals at bay. The NCIS Director Leon Vance oversees the team’s operations. Vance is a highly trained and intelligent agent who always shakes up the status quo.

What we know about the new spinoff

New rumors about a possible NCIS spinoff began swirling when CBS announced that they would be closing the lid shut on another NCIS show, NCIS: New Orleans. While details about the new spinoff have been scanty at best, insiders said that the network executives were looking to staff for the show’s pilot.

Sources say that NCIS: Hawaii will be gaining two executive producers from the New Orleans spinoff. New Orleans showrunners EPJan Nash and Christopher Silber, will be taking over NCIS: Hawaii now that New Orleans has concluded.

Fans speculate that some characters from New Orleans and NCIS will be heading over to Hawaii. Characters such as Sloane from NCIS and Special Agent In Charge Dwayne Cassius Pride are rumored to be heading over to Hawaii, although the rumors remain to be that.

There is also a high likelihood that the flagship show NCIS would be coming to its end after airing its 18th season. Insiders claim that Mark Harmon would be leaving the show when the current season ends. However, when Harmon discovered that CBS is likely to cancel the show if he exits, he began discussing the possibility of making cameos for the next season.

‘NCIS: Hawaii’ has this one connection with another CBS show

NCIS is known for shooting on the locations their shows are named after. The franchise shot on location for New Orleans, and it seems they will be doing the same for NCIS: Hawaii. Fans had been speculating for some time now about the possibility of CBS using their production facility in Hawaii after wrapping up for Hawaii Five-0.

Some characters are already set to make the leap from another NCIS spinoff, the new spinoff NCIS: Hawaii. Presenting crossovers at the beginning of the series might present the show with a useful tool to take advantage of since they will be leveraging the fans of Hawaii Five-0 and jumping them ship to Hawaii.

Fans on Reddit now think that NCIS: Hawaii looks a lot like Hawaii Five-0. One fan wrote: “Wouldn’t this basically be Hawaii 5-0?”

Fans also believe that it is why CBS canceled Hawaii Five-0 to make room for NCIS: Hawaii. One asked: “Is this why they cancelled Hawaii Five-0?” Another replied: “That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Like “man H5-0 has been on for a while it’s getting pretty expensive. How about we end it, and then make a new show in Hawaii”

Others think the network will use the production facility in Hawaii since they don’t want to “deal with the cost of taking it down.” One user made the case: “honestly? CBS built production setup there for the original hawaii 5-0, and doesnt want to deal with the cost of taking it down. original magnum was built on using the same infrastructure. now the same thing is happening again with reboot 5-0 turning into reboot magnum and an NCIS spinoff”

Fans evens toyed with the idea that NCIS: Hawaii will bring back some characters from Five-O. A user wrote: “I wonder if they’ll utilise some of the Hawaii Five-0 characters like Kamekona or how many ex-Hawaii Five-0 cast that enjoy being based in Hawaii are going to join.”