‘NCIS’: How Many Seasons Can You Watch on Netflix?

Have you found yourself with your remote in hand as you scroll through Netflix again for something to binge? You’re not alone. Netflix currently has over 139 million subscribers worldwide. All of them, enjoying the luxury of being able to watch several years worth of TV programming in a single day, and if you’re not watching NCIS, you should be.

Is ‘NCIS’ worthy of a binge-watch?

NCIS | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

NCIS, which stands for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, is an investigative drama focusing on crimes involving the US Navy and Marine Corps. The show centers on the criminal investigative team led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and a long list of talent. Other stars of the show are Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander), Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), amongst others who come and go throughout the show’s long-running time frame.

The characters of NCIS are what set it apart from other TV crime dramas in that the series focuses attention on character development as well as crime solving. Viewers quickly come to be personally invested in the characters, which leads to a binge-worthy viewing experience. The characters become people you’d want to be friends with in real life, and they are what make viewers keep watching, and watching, and watching.

The team is based out of Washington D.C but travel quickly to wherever a crime has been committed by (or against) a member of the Marine Corps or Navy. With a firm “Grab your gear” from Gibbs they set off to nab the bad guy.

How many seasons of ‘NCIS’ are there?

If you’ve ever been left with an empty spot in your heart when you’ve finished binging a series, NCIS will fill that void. It boasts 16 seasons and counting since its inception in 2003. The first 15 seasons are available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. 

Season 16 aired on CBS in the fall of 2018 and topped the series out at over 350 episodes making it the 4th longest running TV series in history. (The Simpsons still holds the number one spot, followed by Law and Order: SVU and Family Guy.) The series has produced two spin-offs too, which are not available to stream on Netflix, including the popular NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Luckily for viewers, the show has definitely been picked up for a 17th season, and your favorite actors are returning again. (Despite rumors that Harmon might be retiring). 

Is ‘NCIS’ popular?

Entertainment Weekly reported in 2016 that NCIS was the 2nd most watched show on the air, with its New Orleans spin-off being the 3rd. Over 18 million people we watching episodes as they aired on CBS. If you weren’t one of them, its time to catch up. You can watch all 15 seasons from the beginning with your US Netflix subscription.

Will Season 16 of ‘NCIS’ be on Netflix?

Typically, viewers have noted that Netflix releases seasons of NCIS just before a new season of the show will air on CBS. So, Season 15 appeared on Netflix in July of 2018. Netflix has followed this same pattern since 2016 and will likely do the same this year. We can hope to see Season 16 of NCIS to be streaming on Netflix in the US sometime during the summer of 2019.

Fans of the show in other regions will have to find other ways to binge because NCIS is, unfortunately, not on Netflix in the UK, Canada or Australia. However, each region has additional streaming service options that might span the gap. UK viewers can likely find on-demand episodes via NowTV, while Canadian fans can watch on GlobalTV service. In Australia, the show is currently available on TenHD.