‘NCIS: Los Angeles:’ What is Daniela Ruah’s Net Worth?

We all know the TV show NCIS is a hit. It started during George W. Bush’s presidency, but it’s still going strong and has some of the highest paid cast members of any show. NCIS: Los Angeles isn’t as old or as popular as the show that spawned it, but it’s a hit in its own right. It’s been on the air for a decade, it routinely draws millions of viewers, and the actors are well paid. Let’s look at star Daniela Ruah’s net worth, some of her other notable roles, and what’s going on in her personal life.

You might need a translator when you watch her earliest works

NCIS: Los Angeles actress Daniela Ruah
Daniela Ruah started on Portuguese television. | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Daniela Ruah’s on-screen acting career started in 2001, but you might need a translator when you watch her earliest works. The Portugese actress got her start on TV in that country, including the soap operas Jardins Proibidos and Dei-te Quase Tudo.

Her first role in America came the year NCIS: Los Angeles started

Ruah’s first role in the United States was starring in the short Blind Confession in 2008, but her guest spot in a 2009 episode of Guiding Light was her first notable work.

Like the rest of her cast mates, Ruah acted in two NCIS episodes in 2009 before NCIS: Los Angeles started later the same year. She shared the screen with Terrence Howard and Michael B. Jordan in the 2012 movie Red Tails, but NCIS: Los Angeles is Ruah’s primary acting gig. Fans might have seen her hosting the CBS show about the funniest Super Bowl commercials in the run-up to the 2019 game.

Daniela Ruah’s net worth is impressive

NCIS: Los Angeles actress Daniela Ruah signs autographs.
NCIS: Los Angeles actress Daniela Ruah signs autographs. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Acting is the main way Daniela Ruah makes her money, but it’s not the only way. She also does some endorsement work for TAP Air Portugal. Still, most of her money comes from her NCIS: Los Angeles paychecks, and that’s not hurting Daniela Ruah’s net worth one bit.

She has a $7 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That’s not quite on the same level as co-start Chris O’Donnell’s net worth, but it’s close.

Her work situation is a family affair

Sorry to all you Daniela Ruah fans who have a crush on her — she’s not single. She married David Paul Olsen in 2014, and that last name probably rings a bell for NCIS: Los Angeles fans.

That’s because Ruah’s brother-in-law is Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Marty Deeks on the show. The family ties on the show don’t stop there. Ruah gets to work with her brother-in-law and her husban because David Paul Olsen is a stuntman who sometimes shows up on NCIS: Los Angeles.

About that right eye…

NCIS: Los Angeles actress Daniela Ruah
Daniela Ruah. | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

NCIS: Los Angeles fans have probably noticed that Daniela Ruah right eye is darker than her left. Don’t fret! It’s not an injury or a disease — it’s a birthmark.

This particular kind of birthmark is called the Nevus of Ota, and it’s virtually harmless. Ruah might have a higher risk of glaucoma down the line, according to Healthline, but the condition doesn’t appear to impact her career at all.
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