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With how well known the NCIS franchise has become, it’s easy to spot a mess-up. Some wonder why casting directors might hire the same actors for multiple roles across the three different iterations. Fans notice these things. That said, below are a few who’ve played different parts for NCIS followed by a stint on NCIS: New Orleans.

This actor is a triple threat in the ‘NCIS’ universe

'NCIS: New Orleans'
Rob Kerkovich as Sebastian Lund, Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride, and Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy | Skip Bolen/CBS via Getty Images

The list of extras and cameo actors who go onto any of the three NCIS shows is a long one. To consider how many of them appeared in multiple roles would take awhile. A few of them are so memorable, viewers can’t pretend otherwise.

For instance, actor, Randy Vasquez, has one of those faces you can’t forget. His first appearance happened in 2015 on NCIS as ATF Special Agent Phillip Caffey. Casting directors likely hoped fans would forget by the time they cast him as Naval Intelligence Commander Downey two years later on NCIS: New Orleans.

And, considering Vasquez also played Gunnery Sgt. Victor ‘Gunny’ Galindez from 1999-2003 on JAG — which inspired NCIS — it’s wrong on many levels.

These actors had recurring roles on ‘NCIS’ before appearing on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

We’re not sure how this happens, but actress, Liza Lapiro had a recurring role for two years as Agent Michelle Lee on NCIS from 2006-2008. Over ten years later, Lapiro showed up on NCIS: New Orleans as Araminta Jax.

Lapiro has an impressive list of credits that include Crazy, Stupid Love, Unbelievable, and Fast & Furious, to name a few. Hers is also an instantly recognizable face that fans of either NCIS series would remember.

Likewise, Michael Nouri, popped up on NCIS as Director Eli David, many times over the course of five years from 2008-2013. Then, in 2019, Nouri played Jason Campbell in the episode, “Convicted,” on NCIS: New Orleans.

And, in the same protocol, actor, John Livingston, portrayed Will Pritchard in one episode of NCIS, then skipped over to the NOLA version to play Paul Jenks for three episodes. To top it off, Livingston also had a part in a 2002 episode of JAG.

This actress has a bigger role her second time around

Chelsea Field, who is married to NCIS: New Orleans alum, Scott Bakula, appeared in a single 2006 episode of NCIS as Jocelyn Wayne. Perhaps she and Bakula didn’t perceive him leading the NOLA spin-off at the time. But, eight years later, he got it.

Field didn’t join the NOLA cast until 2017. She’s played Dwayne Pride’s (Bakula) recurring love interest, Rita Devereaux, for two years now. So far, there’s no sign of her leaving anytime soon.

Clearly the casting directors for the NCIS franchise prefer to keep it all in the family. They offering roles to those they already have a working relationship. There are likely many more than those listed here. It’s good for the actors, but not so great for fans who notice, lending to less believability for the show’s storytelling.

NCIS: New Orleans returns to CBS on Sunday, February, 16.