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Now that Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) has uncovered some answers about his mysterious past on NCIS: New Orleans, he’s working hard to connect the dots to his present. One of the more traumatic pieces Pride’s controversial therapy unearthed is that of “The Man in the Red Suit.” Who plays “Red” and what else has he starred in?

[Spoilers below for NCIS: New Orleans Season 6, Episode 15]

‘Relentless’ came with a shocking twist for Dwayne Pride on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

David Selby
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – JANUARY 26: Actor David Selby attends the premiere of “Legion” at Pacific Design Center on January 26, 2017, in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

This week, NCIS: New Orleans gifted fans with two new episodes. The first of the two, “Relentless,” dove a little deeper into Dwayne Pride’s (Bakula) previous revelations about “The Man in the Red Suit.”

The March 8 episode uncovered why Pride was hallucinating the mysterious man. “Red” was Pride’s piano teacher. He was murdered by Pride’s father, Cassius, after discovering “Red” and Pride’s mother, Mena had an affair.

“Relentless” flipped that discovery on its head. Patton Plame (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) looked into who “Red” might be. Clarence “Red” Redding — who is very much alive — showed up at Pride’s bar.

Cassius didn’t kill “Red,” but did threaten to kill him and Mena if Red didn’t leave everything and stay gone. Pride was too young to know any of that happened, then buried what he witnessed deep into his subconscious.

“Relentless” brought an older, but still alive, “Red” back into Pride and Mena’s life.

Who plays Clarence ‘Red’ Redding?

Actor, David Selby, plays the older version of Clarence “Red” Redding in Season 6, Episode 15, “Relentless.” If the actor looks familiar, it’s because he recently guest-starred in Chicago Fire in a heart-wrenching role.

That aside, Selby was a longtime Falcon Crest regular as Richard Channing with more than 200 episodes under his belt. Selby got his start in 1970 with a role in Directions as Abraham Lincoln.

From there, he went on to star in projects like Dark Shadows, Flamingo Road, Soldier of Fortune, Tell Me You Love Me, and more recently, the FX series, Legion.

It’s unclear how long Selby’s stint as “Red” on NCIS: New Orleans will last. He’s only listed for one episode as of now. “Red” is a big part of Pride’s understanding of his past, so we think he might stick around awhile.

How will the ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ shut-down affect guest-stars?

So far this season, NCIS: New Orleans has had a few guest-stars alongside recurring characters. Bakula’s real-life wife and on-screen love interest, Chelsea Field, appeared as Rita Devereaux.

Fans also saw Jason Alan Carvell as Pride’s half-brother, Jimmy Boyd, and Joanna Cassidy as Pride’s mother, Mena.

Sun., March 15 also marked the second and third episodes newcomer, Charles Michael Davis appeared as Special Agent Quentin Carter. Fans still aren’t sure about “the new guy,” especially since the loss of longtime favorite, Lucas Black.

With news of production shutting down due to Coronavirus concerns, it’s not yet known what episode will cap the season, or how the show will leave things before the hiatus.

The break may affect guest stars moving forward because their work and paycheck aren’t as steady as a regular cast member (like Bakula). This, mixed with the new Sunday air date could have longterm repercussions on ratings. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from here on out.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS