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Pauley Perrette rose to stardom playing the part of Abby Sciuto on the hit CBS crime drama, NCIS. While Perrette managed to avoid too much relationship drama on the show, the actress is no stranger to breakups in real life. While fans look forward to another season of NCIS, here is a look at Perrette’s complete dating history.

'NCIS' star Pauley Perrette
Pauley Perrette | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for The Trevor Project

Coyote Shivers

Perrette started seeing Coyote Shivers, a musician from Canada, in 1998. The pair dated for two years before they tied the knot in 2000. Their marriage, unfortunately, only lasted four years and the pair split in 2004. They did not finalize their divorce until 2006.

Following their official divorce, Pauley Perrette filed a restraining order against Shivers, whom she claims stalked her. The restraining order is permanent, though Perrette recently admitted that it can only do some much to stop the harassment. 

According to Hit Berry, Perrette accused Shivers of physically harassing her at different points during their marriage. Although Shivers denied any wrongdoing, his former lovers, Angela Garber and Bebe Buell, backed up Perrette’s claims.

As a result of the relationship, Perrette has become an advocate for updating stalking laws in the United States. More specifically, the former NCIS star is looking how law enforcement can prevent stalkers from using the internet to track their victims.

Michael Bosman

Following her disastrous marriage to Shivers, Pauley Perrette started dating a cameraman named Michael Bosman. Their relationship heated up shortly after Perrette and Shivers parted ways. At some point in 2008, Bosman popped the big question and the pair got engaged.

Despite their plans to tie the knot, Perrette and Bosman never exchanged vows. The two broke up around 2009, though the exact date of their split is unknown.

While we know for sure that Perrette and Bosman did not get married, there were rumors that they got hitched in a secret ceremony in 2009. The wedding allegedly took place over Valentine’s Day that year, though nothing official was ever filed. It is unclear why Perrette and Bosman’s relationship fell apart, though it did not take her long to move on.

Thomas Arklie

Following the end of her romance with Bosman, Perrette started dating British actor and former Royal Marine, Thomas Arklie. Once again, Pauley Perrette moved quickly and announced her engagement to Arklie in 2011. Just like Bosman, Perrette and Arklie never tied the knot, though they did explain why they opted to avoid marriage. The actress apparently refused to get married until California got rid of Proposition 8, which took away rights for same sex partners.

It is unclear if Perrette and Arklie are still dating or if they have since broken up. We do know that they have yet to take their relationship to the next level. Although Perrette recently turned 50 years old, she does not seem like she is in a rush to get married. After all, the actress has enjoyed a successful career on television and does not need a marriage to validate anything.

Pauley Perrette slams Mark Harmon on Twitter

While Perrette made a name for herself starring on NCIS, she decided to leave the hit TV show back in Season 15. Shortly after confirming her exit from the show, Perrette took to social media and claimed to have suffered from “multiple physical assaults” on set.

The actress did not mention any names in the post, but fans thought she was alluding to her co-star, Mark Harmon.

Prior to Perrette’s departure, Harmon brought a dog to the set of NCIS. The pooch unfortunately bit a crew member, sparking outrage among several stars of the show. Perrette complained about the incident to upper management, who forced Harmon to keep his dog on a leash.


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Fast forward to last week, and Perrette too to Twitter with some brand new allegations. In an explosive tweet, Perrette accused Harmon of assaulting her at work and claims that she still has nightmares about his behavior.

The tweet comes ahead of Pauley Perrette’s new series on CBS, called Broke. Harmon, who also works as an executive producer on NCIS, has yet to respond to the allegations.