‘NCIS’: New Orleans’: Who Is Christopher Silber? Meet the Man Behind the Hit Series

The NCIS franchise is on a hot streak. The three series conglomerate is responsible for some of CBS’s highest ratings. The stars of each show are partially to credit, but what about those behind the scenes? Executive producer, Christopher Silber, has a little something to do with the hit-makers — particularly NCIS: New Orleans. Here’s a little bit about what makes Silber tick.

Drama previously plagued the ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ set

Mark Harmon as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

For 17 seasons, the NCIS franchise has remained a staple in crime procedural dramas. Not only did the series launch actors into the limelight, but it opened doors for those to produce, write, or direct the episodes they starred in.

NCIS: New Orleans is running on season 6, with a Feb. 16 return from hiatus. Christopher Silber is among the many who work to make each show as big as it can be. With years on-the-job for NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, Silber may not be the first to take the reigns, but he’s among the most recent after multiple controversies with other showrunners.

In Jan. 2019, executive producer, Adam Targum, was fired after several complaints. He worked alongside Silber as showrunner for the NOLA iteration.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Targum’s departure came after another former showrunner’s firing, Brad Kern. Clearly, the show’s had its fair share of backstage drama, but it doesn’t seem to have affected ratings.

What else has Silber worked on?

Silber joined the NCIS team to write in 2005 for two years. He later wrote and produced more episodes for “the mothership” series where he perfected his talents.

Before his 2013 return to NCIS, Silber went on to contribute to three successful CBS shows Cold Case, CSI: NY, and Elementary. There are a few other projects listed among his IMDb credits. All of them are of the procedural crime notion, which seems to be Silber’s sweet spot.

His executive producer credits run through the majority of NCIS: New Orleans. The show began in 2014, and Silber joined as a writer and executive producer in 2015. He continues as showrunner and faithful NCIS: New Orleans advocate, via his Instagram page.

Silber to team up with former ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ actress for a new project

Rutberg played Megan Sutter/The Angel from 2018-2019 on NCIS: New Orleans. Her character haunted Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) for many episodes.

Deadline just announced that Silber, along with former NCIS: New Orleans actress, Amy Rutberg, to develop Liars Club, a dramedy/thriller for TNT.

The show, written by Rutberg, follows a woman “with a unique skill set and a dark history leading two very different lives – one adorned in the trappings of Connecticut country clubs and house parties, the other drenched in the murk of the underground New York gambling circuit.”

Silber will co-produce with Paul Giamatti and Dan Carey. Silber posted the news to his Instagram page saying, “This business is hard. There’s so many “no’s” that come before ‘yes’. I’m so pleased to have partnered with @amyrutberg – a great actress and phenomenal writer.”

He continued: “We’re lucky to have teamed up with Dan Carey and Paul Giamatti — such wonderful producers. And I’m truly gratified to be able to share this ‘yes’ with them all…now onto the next step.”

This is the second project Silber’s announced in the last year. He’s also set to co-develop the new CBS drama, Soul Survivor, about a private investigator with a shady past who becomes the lone survivor of a plane crash.

If you’re a fan of Pride and the NCIS: New Orleans team, there’s no shortage of Silber projects on the horizon, so buckle up.

NCIS: New Orleans returns Sunday, Feb. 16 on CBS.