‘NCIS’: Who Plays Jack Sloane’s Daughter?

“NCIS” star Maria Bello has played the character Jack Sloane since 2017. Although she has been on the show for a while now, viewers are still learning about her character. One thing fans recently learned is that Sloane has a daughter named Faith Tolliver. Who is Kate Hamilton, the actress who plays Faith? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the actress who plays Jack Sloane’s daughter.

How Kate Hamilton got her start as an actress

Kate Hamilton as Faith Tolliver on NCIS | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images
Kate Hamilton as Faith Tolliver on NCIS | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Hamilton made her television acting debut in a 2013 episode of “Criminal Minds” titled “Magnum Opus” in which she played the role of Kelly Miller. That year, she appeared in a short film titled “Grape.” Hamilton made her second “Criminal Minds” appearance in 2016. Her other acting credits include the television documentary “Cry Wolfe,” and the television shows “The Affair,” and “Betrayed.”

Kate Hamilton has come a long way

In a 2017 video for a training school for actors called BGB studio, Hamilton spoke about her early experience in the program. Hamilton said when she first started attending classes in 2016, she was afraid of being seen. She said she thought she was also looking for approval from her instructor, and she was concerned about performing well. “Any negative feedback would send me into a downward spiral. And I would be thinking about it for days afterward. And I would think ‘I’m a bad actor.’ It was terrible,” she says in the video. Hamilton says she enjoyed taking a class with one instructor in particular because he made sure the class wasn’t about gaining approval.

Kate Hamilton plays Jack Sloane’s daughter, Faith

Hamilton made her first “NCIS” appearance during season 16, episode 19, which is titled “Perennial.” She plays Sloane’s daughter, Faith Tolliver. In that episode, the NCIS team responds to an active shooter at a naval hospital. Sloane’s daughter, who works as a doctor at the hospital, turns out to be a key witness to the shooting.

Things didn’t go smoothly between the mother and daughter because Sloane gave Faith up for adoption many years ago. This was their first meeting since the adoption. When they met, Faith let Sloane know she did not want to develop a relationship. “You made your choice. You don’t get to show up at my door now and pretend that you care,” Faith told Sloane.

Faith returns in season 17, episode eight, titled “Musical Chairs.” As of this writing, it’s not clear why Sloane’s daughter is returning. We’re hoping Faith had a change of heart and decided to build a relationship with Sloane.

Maria Bello initially turned down the role of Jack Sloane

Maria Bello, Mark Harmon, and Kate Hamilton on NCIS | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images
Maria Bello, Mark Harmon, and Kate Hamilton on NCIS | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada,” host Morgan Hoffman asked Maria Bello if she ever thought she would work on a show like “NCIS.” Bello said she couldn’t see herself as part of the show at first. The actress initially turned the part of Jack Sloane down. Here’s what she told “ET Canada”:

When NCIS was offered to me, I was with my son in the car. I immediately said, ‘no.’ I had never even watched it. I hadn’t watched procedurals, that sort of thing. And my son was in the car, and he goes, ‘Mom, why wouldn’t you do that show? That’s like a great show.’ And I started watching it, and I started hearing about it, and I started talking to people, and I went, ‘Yeah.’ And then when I met Mark Harmon and the producers Frank and George I was like, ‘What? Yes, I’m doing this.’

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