Nene Leakes and Tamar Braxton Reportedly Fell Out Over a Man

Tamar Braxton is no stranger to major feuds. She’s had beef with the likes of K. Michelle and Claudia Jordan, and now it appears her longstanding friendship with Nene Leakes is no longer. The two have been friends for years, but after social media drama, fans noticed some tension. Now, one of Braxton’s closest friends is spilling the tea on their fallout and says it has to do with a double date gone wrong.

Nene Leakes and Tamar Braxton laugh outside of Leakes' Georgia lounge; Leakes and Braxton's fallout is reportedly over a man
NeNe Leakes and Tamar Braxton | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Tamar Braxton speaks on alleged falling out with Nene Leakes

Braxton and Leakes were close friends for several years, publically supporting one another, and even personally through tragic losses. The former RHOA star lost her husband Gregg to colon cancer in 2021. Just months later, Braxton’s older sister Traci died after a year-long battle with esophageal cancer. They showed up for one another amid their storms. 

But fans noticed that Braxton no longer follows Leakes on social media and posted several cryptic messages on her Instagram Stories about disloyal friends. Many felt it was aimed at Leakes. YouTube vlogger Sharrell’s World alleged that Leakes was upset with Braxton over her alleged reconciliation with her ex, David Adefeso. Another theory is that Braxton learned Leakes was talking negatively about her.

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But Braxton shot down rumors in a lengthy message to her Instagram Stories, writing: “Hey there…I know y’all are used to a different Tamar but that’s simply not me anymore. I haven’t fallen out or gotten back together with anyone. I’m not messy and drama-filled. I’m healing and under construction. That old Tay is NEVER coming back cause she doesn’t exist. Get used to this one. She’s more consistent, confident, and blessed…basically she’s so much better. God bless y’all,” she wrote with a heart and prayer-hand emoji.

She later admitted to Carlos King on his Nightcap With Carlos King show on OWN that she unfollowed Leakes on Instagram. But she said it was nothing personal. 

Jason Lee alleges Tamar Braxton stopped speaking to Nene Leakes over a man

Lee and Braxton are best friends, with Braxton recently wishing him a Happy Birthday on social media. Apparently, Lee knows what really happened between Leakes and Braxton, and it had to do with Leakes reportedly setting Braxton up on a date and later hooking the same man up with another friend.

Source: YouTube

On an episode of Hollywood Unlocked, Lee explained: “Tamar and NeNe went on a double date with NeNe’s man who’s allegedly married to a woman and another man who she liked. And NeNe tried to hook up her friend with the guy Tamar was talking to behind Tamar’s back,” Lee alleged. “ They all went to Miami or Trip behind Tamar’s back. And Tamar found out. And she told me.”

Lee admits that Braxton never told him to reveal the information, but he doesn’t regret it because he says Leakes’ actions were foul. “She was hurt by that,” Lee added. “I should just say allegedly. I can provide receipts upon request.”

Tamar Braxton has a new man

While the potential relationship between Braxton and Leakes’ friend didn’t work out, Braxton has seemingly found a new love. Per Madame Noire, she is dating an attorney named JR. He was raised in New Orleans and works as an attorney and businessman in Georgia. Her new beau is a co-founding partner of The JR Law Group and the CEO of a company called Rags 2 Riches Logistics. They recently celebrated his 46th birthday at a cocktail bar in Atlanta.

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