Netflix Announces ‘Ozark’ Season 3 Premiere Date

The Byrdes are back!

Netflix has announced when fans can expect new episodes of Ozark, the drama about Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a man who flees to the Ozarks from Chicago with his family after a money-laundering scheme involving a drug cartel goes awry. Mark your calendars, Ozark fans. Season 3 of the series will premiere March 27, 2020, on Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers about Ozark Season 2 ahead. 

Audiences have been waiting for the day the streaming service would release new episodes of the series since they renewed Ozark for a third season in Oct. 2018.

Jason Bateman at the Season 2 premiere of 'Ozark' on Aug. 23, 2018
Jason Bateman at the Season 2 premiere of ‘Ozark’ on Aug. 23, 2018 | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The news came two months after Season 2 premiered in Aug. 2018. At the time, it had been reported the show might return for a third season in 2019 or even 2020. As it turns out, Netflix went with the later date much to the disappointment of Ozark fans who have been clamoring for new episodes of the award-winning series for more than a year. 

See how Netflix announced Season 3 of Ozark below: 

How did Season 2 of ‘Ozark’ end? 

Since Season 2 ended, audiences have wondered what’s next for the Byrde family. Remember, Wendy (Laura Linney) put a stop to Marty’s plan to run away to Australia in favor of facing the drug cartel and moving forward with their plan to launder money through a riverboat casino. Meanwhile, they acquired a new enemy, the Kansas City mob, trying to get the riverboat casino, err, afloat.  

Season 3 won’t pick up where Season 2 left off

Here’s what we know about future episodes of Ozark. Instead of starting right where Season 2 ended with an explosion at Marty’s office, Season 3 will begin six months later, according to TV Guide.

Tensions will be high between Marty and Wendy as they try to keep the cartel happy amidst new conflict with the Kansas City mob all the while dealing with conflict in their marriage that came about as a result of Wendy shutting down Marty’s plan to flee.

Don’t forget about Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), the local teen Marty wanted to leave in charge. Garner, who won an Outstanding Actress Emmy for her performance as Ruth in 2019, will be back for more in Season 3. 

How many episodes will there be in Season 3? 

Season 3 of Ozark will have 10 episodes just like Seasons 1 and 2. Bateman will direct the first two episodes of Season 3 and likely the last two. The actor, who won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2019 for his performance as Marty Byrde, is also an executive producer on the series. 

Season 3 won’t be the end of ‘Ozark’

According to Ozark writer and producer, Chris Mundy, who previously worked on Criminal Minds and Cold Case, Season 3 won’t be the final season of Ozark. In an April 2019  interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mundy said the show had been mapped out with five seasons in mind although that number’s not set in stone.  

“We’ve always talked about it as five seasons. It could be four, it could be seven … but that always seemed like a good number to us,” Mundy said. 

Watch Season 3 of Ozark beginning March 27, 2020, on Netflix.