Netflix Just Sent a Huge Message That They Believe in Adam Sandler

For decades, Adam Sandler has been known around the world as a comedic genius. He became nationally recognized for his comedic talents when he was a writer and then a cast member on Saturday Night Live in the early ’90s.

Since his time on SNL, Sandler has written, directed, produced, and acted in several Box Office hits including Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy and quickly became a global icon.

While the world has loved Sandler for many years, recently, Netflix did something to let Sandler know that they love him just as much as his millions of fans do. Here is how the video-streaming giants let Adam Sandler know that they believe in him.

Adam Sandler’s relationship with Netflix

Adam Sandler on the red carpet
Adam Sandler | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

 Over the years, Netflix has featured several of Sandler’s movies on their streaming service. According to People, so far, Sandler’s most successful movie that is currently on Netflix is Murder Mystery. 

In the movie, Sandler plays a detective and he and his wife (played by Jennifer Aniston) decide to go on a vacation. While vacationing on an expensive yacht, they get framed for the murder of a billionaire and end up going on a crazy, yet hilarious, crusade through a foreign country to try and clear their names. Netflix reported that Murder Mystery was watched by over 80 million households in its first month.

Sandler has several other Netflix-exclusive movies including The Week Of, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, and The Ridiculous 6. Netflix also streamed the first stand-up comedy show that Sandler has done in 22 years called 100% Fresh. 

All of Sandler’s films and specials have been extremely popular and have brought in a lot of new customers for Netflix.

Netflix sent a huge message to Adam Sandler

Netflix has recently decided to add to it’s popular list of Adam Sandler films by signing a deal with Sandler to make four more Netflix original films. In reference to their continuing partnership, Netflix had released a statement that said: “Our members love all things Sandler.

They have spent a whopping two billion hours watching his films since 2015 – the year The Ridiculous 6 premiers – proving there is no such thing as too much Sandler.”

Just like the other Netflix films that Sandler has, these four new films will be produced by his Happy Madison Production company. So far, there isn’t too much information about the four new films, however, it has been reported that at least one of the film will be animated.

Sandler will not only be voicing one of the characters for the new film, but it has also been announced that he will be writing the script for his newest animated film.

What other projects is Adam Sandler Working on?

As mentioned, Sandler has several movies set to come out on Netflix in the near future. However, he is also working on a few other movies that will be hitting the big screen next year. In 2021, Sandler will reprise his role as Dracula on the hit animated movie Hotel Transylvania 4. 

 Sandler recently took his over-the-top comedy down a notch for the film Uncut Gems which started streaming on Netflix late last year. He also has two other comedy movies that are expected to come out soon. The first movie is entitled Hubie Halloween, which features some of the most iconic names in comedy, including Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Julie Bowen, and Kenan Thompson.

The newest Netflix and Happy Madison Productions film is called The Wrong Missy. There is no word as of yet when we can expect to see this comedy on Netflix. However, we do know that David Spade will be starring in this movie. And if history has taught us anything, it is that when Spade and Sandler get together to make a movie, it always turns out to be hilariously entertaining.