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There’s a new reality series available with a Netflix subscription that has viewers wondering if love really is blind. The first season of Love is Blind is officially available for binge-watching on this streaming platform. Is Love is Blind really better than The Bachelor? Which reality show is more popular? Here’s what fans are saying about Netflix’s original series

Matt Barnett, Cameron Hamilton, Damian Powers, Amber Pike, Lauren Speed, and Kelly Chase of Netflix's 'Love is Blind'
Matt Barnett, Cameron Hamilton, Damian Powers, Amber Pike, Lauren Speed, and Kelly Chase of Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix

Netflix premiered their original reality series, ‘Love is Blind,’ during 2020

Can you fall in love with someone without ever seeing them? For the participants in this reality series, the answer is a resounding yes. Netflix premiered new episodes of their original show, Love is Blind, on a weekly basis during 2020.

With the entire first season, (and the reunion episode) available on the streaming platform, some fans took to binge-watching episodes. This social experiment featured single people, separated from their dates by a wall.

Some couples even made it to the altar — whether or not they said “I do” is another story. Love is Blind had plenty of drama, plenty of adorable moments, and thousands of viewers, sharing their love for the recently-released reality series. 

"The Bachelor: Season Finale Part 2" Madison and Peter
“The Bachelor: Season Finale Part 2” Madison and Peter | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Some compare ‘Love is Blind’ to ‘The Bachelor’and ‘90 Day Fiancé’

Mix together The Bachelor, 90 Day Fiancé, and the power to binge-watch an entire season and you’ve got Netflix’s original series, Love is Blind. Because the engaged couples from this series eventually go on vacation together, some compared this series to Bachelor in Paradise

Others noted the similarities to The Bachelor because each contestant goes on multiple dates while in the “pods.” What makes this series different, however, is that this is a social experiment, testing the theory that love can form without the initial physical attraction. 

When new episodes of Love is Blind premiered on Netflix, the series became of the most popular shows in the United States. Some viewers took to social media, sharing their love for the contestants and their new favorite reality show. 

Fans shared their love for Netflix’s reality series, ‘Love is Blind’

With the entire first season of Love is Blind available on Netflix, some fans took to social media, sharing their thoughts on the reality series. Some even called it better than ABC’s The Bachelor. One Twitter user wrote, “The Bachelor walked so Love Is Blind could run.”

Love is Blind is that show you start watching bc quarantine has made u reach peak boredom and it’s instantly cringe at first but after the first three episodes you cannot stop watching regardless of the cringe. I have now decided to stan over The Bachelor. That concludes my Tedtalk,” another Twitter user said.

“Bro this show Love Is Blind is absolutely insane. I’ve been laying on my couch for two hours just living and dying with these people. This is The Bachelor on steroids. Some guy married a chick 20 minutes into the show and never saw her face. I’M HOOKED,” another Twitter user wrote.

Netflix has not yet renewed Love is Blind for season 2. Until then, fans can binge-watch the first season on this streaming platform.