Netflix ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Reboot Has 3 Major Issues According to Fans

On July 1, 2020, Netflix dropped Unsolved Mysteries Season 15. The true crime series last aired on Spike TV in 2008; however, the episodes we know and love are from the 1990s. The series was a staple on our televisions with its intriguing mysteries. Now, the show is back, but there are a few differences in this new version that fans do not like.

'Unsolved Mysteries' on Netflix
‘Unsolved Mysteries’ on Netflix | Netflix

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‘Unsolved Mysteries’ on Netflix does not have a host

The original Unsolved Mysteries’ beloved host, Robert Stack, died May 14, 2003. Although he wasn’t the only person who served as the host, he is the one everyone remembers. Original co-creator and EP Terry Dunn Meurer had a tough decision to make about the show’s revival since Stack was not an option.

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“The final decision was that it’s very difficult to fill Robert Stack’s shoes, and his trench coat,” Meurer told TVLine. “He’s just such an iconic voice. He’s such a signature of the show. We also wanted the actual participants in the stories, the family members, and law enforcement [officers] to be more involved in telling the stories.”

So, the reboot has no host at all. While fans understand why they couldn’t pick someone else, it still is an issue often mentioned.

“You all have to agree you hear that iconic music, and you need Robert Stack to tell you what’s coming up,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Sadly, he’s long gone, and I’m sure that we all know we’d complain at anyone taking his place but still.”

Other fans add that the series could at least add in his famous line at the end, “Join us next (time). Maybe YOU can help solve a mystery.”

The Netflix reboot of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is missing reenactments

“One of my favorite elements of the original series, and why it was so beloved and memorable, in my opinion, were the reenactments, which are essentially missing from the reboot,” another fan added.

In the new series, there are brief reenactments, but the actors do not talk. The faces are hardly shown, and the true crime documentary added more news reports instead.  

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“The reenactments were always SO cheesy,” wrote one Redditor. “But I kind of loved them.”

Fans know that the scenes in the original series were “cheesy,” but they did help paint a picture of what happened. 

Fans want to see UFO animations on ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

The third problem that some fans have with the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is that they thought the UFO episodes needed more visuals.

“With the advancements in graphics and special effects since the original series, as well as Netflix (and its newfound fortune) being behind the reboot, I just assumed we’d have some radical UFO visuals,” another Redditor wrote.

If fans could bring back three things about the original series, it would be the narrator, the reenactments, and the UFO visual effects.