Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ Sequel: Joe Russo Is on a ‘Mission’ to ‘Up the Scale’

Extraction broke Netflix streaming records when it premiered in April, and its open ending left fans hoping for a sequel. Luckily, writer and producer Joe Russo just confirmed that he’s working on a new Extraction movie, and he’s on a mission to up the scale

extraction movie
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction | Netflix

The ‘Extraction’ ending left the door open for more

Starring Chris Hemsworth as the rugged mercenary Tyler Rake, Extraction follows the ex-soldier on a mission to India where he is hired to extract a young teen named Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) after he’s kidnapped by his father’s drug lord rival.   

At the end of Extraction, Tyler saves Ovi, despite being given orders to abort the mission. In the final scenes, he is shot in the neck as he takes cover for the young boy. Tyler is then seen falling off of the bridge and into the river below. 

But in the very last shot of the movie, Ovi is swimming in his pool back home, and when he pops his head out of the water, a blurry figure who looks like Tyler is seen standing in the distance.  

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The filmmakers always had plans for another movie

When Extraction hit Netflix in April, it was unclear how well the film would be received. And in a post-premiere interview with the LA Times, producers/writers Anthony and Joe Russo, and director Sam Hargrave revealed that they left the ending “ambiguous” on purpose. 

“Hopefully, people will be satisfied with the ending no matter how they feel about the movie along the way,” said Hargrave, when talking about the open-ended final scene and a potential sequel.  “We’re waiting to see how the movie does and see what the response is. But the potential for different storylines with this character and this world are very numerous and it’s not off the table.”

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Joe Russo confirms he’s writing a new ‘Extraction’ movie

In a May tweet, Netflix revealed that Extraction was “well on its way to becoming the biggest-ever film premiere” for the streamer and that it was projected to hit 90 million households in just the first few weeks. After the successful premiere, the streamer is now ready for a sequel, and it looks like Joe Russo is already in the process of writing it. 

“I started writing the sequel (prequel?) three weeks ago,” Russo revealed in a recent interview with Cinema Blend. “It’s a great character to write for, with a fantastic performance from Hemsworth, so it makes my job easier. I think the mission is to up the scale on this one, both emotionally and physically.”

Russo teased that the second Extraction movie could be a prequel, in which case fans might get to see Tyler Rake’s previous life, including his family and the events that turned him into the fearless mercenary he is. But, if it is a sequel, viewers may see a little more of Tyler’s father-like relationship with Ovi. As of now, it’s unclear who, other than Hemsworth, would return for the sequel/prequel.

Extraction is currently streaming on Netflix.