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Working on a Netflix project is no joke. Whether you’re an actor, a camera operator, or scriptwriter, Netflix has a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that protects their projects. Here’s a closer look at Netflix’s NDA and the five rules that protect the streaming giant’s content.

view of the Netflix Corporate Offices in Hollywood
Netflix’s California Offices | AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Any information pertaining to a Netflix series or film is to remain confidential 

Per Netflix’s Partner Help Center, talent must keep information about the project they’re working on private. This includes details about the other actors they’re working with, as well as what the crew does on set.

Additionally, Netflix talent can’t share information about characters, plot points, or story arcs with anyone outside of the show. Essentially, any contributions an actor makes to a show has to stay confidential as filming begins. In some cases, talent isn’t allowed to talk about their project until after it comes out.

Say goodbye to cell phones per Netflix’s NDA

Per Netflix’s NDA, video cameras and smartphones aren’t allowed during translation, dubbing, editing, grading, and mixing sessions. The streamer cites the increase of confidentiality breaches and unauthorized posting that cell phones have caused in recent years. As such, they ask personal phone use to happen outside of the studio. 

See something, say something? Not according to this NDA

Netflix is all about offering audiences a “shared global joy.” But for the world to share in the same experience simultaneously, the cast and crew involved in Netflix productions have to keep a lot of information quiet. 

“You have a special role in protecting that surprise by refraining from commenting or talking about or posting on social media or blogs or forums — anything — about the Netflix projects you’re working on,” Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy says in a Netflix training video. “When you’re working confidentially on your show, see something, say nothing.” 

The NDA states you can’t steal ideas from Netflix 

Netflix’s NDA clearly states: “neither party shall acquire any right, title or claim over any materials and information, including without limitation, ideas, suggestions, concepts, plots, storylines, strategies, plans, outlines, notes, designs, drawings, treatments, scripts, budgets, specifications, models or other items, based upon or related to the other party’s confidential information.” In other words, you also can’t steal ideas from any past or future Netflix projects. It’s as simple as that!

Netflix’s NDA demands the return of scripts and other confidential materials 

Another portion of Netflix’s Non-Disclosure Agreement asks that documents and other tangible materials remain the property of Netflix. These items are expected to be returned “promptly.” If they aren’t returned, they must be destroyed when the NDA expires. 


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How long does Netflix’s NDA last? 

According to the terms section of Netflix’s NDA, the agreement three years following the “disclosure of confidential information.” However, the clause does state Netflix or the signing party can submit a request to terminate the NDA before reaching that three-year mark.