‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3: Des Catches Devi’s Eye – but Do They Develop Into Something More?

Never Have I Ever Season 3 is another boy-crazy season for Devi. Devi finally gets the man of her dreams when she makes her relationship with Paxton public. But nothing is ever easy for Devi as there is trouble in paradise. The introduction of the season’s new heartthrob, Des (Anirudh Pisharody), has Devi hopeful. Devi and Des might have or might not have become something more in Never Have I Ever Season 3.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3.]

Paxton and Devi find themselves not working out in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3

Sadly, Paxton and Devi’s relationship ends rather quickly into the third season. Devi was over the moon walking into school, holding hands with Paxton. But the doubt demons that plagued her in previous seasons return. She overheard the popular girls question why Paxton is dating her.

Devi starts to think that Paxton may expect more in the sex department. But Devi manages to get over the gossip and focus on Paxton. That is until she received an anonymous DM. The DM states that Paxton is not who he says he is.

While Devi brushes the creepy message aside, she cannot help but be curious. Devi soon discovers the culprit is a girl named Hailey from orchestra. Hailey gives Devi a reality check about Paxton’s past indiscretions.

He ghosted Hailey after a steamy make-out, despite having been friends since the fifth grade. Devi confronts Paxton, and he refuses to apologize. But after realizing he is in the wrong, he apologizes to Hailey and rekindles their friendship. Sadly, it leads to jealousy, and Paxton breaks up with Devi because he cannot keep convincing her of his feelings. But the arrival of Des in Never Have I Ever Season 3 adds a new challenge for Devi.

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Des and Devi become an almost perfect couple in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3

While her breakup with Paxton was hard, Devi manages to move on. But the jealous bug is still there when she learns he has a girlfriend. Hoping to make him jealous, he goes to Trent’s party dolled up. But there is a catch. She could only go if she took her mother’s friend’s son, who is claimed to be a dork.

To everyone’s surprise, Des is good-looking. Devi does not make a good first impression when learning he is popular, dates girls, cool, and is smart. When Devi sees Paxton and his new girl, she breaks down and goes outside. Des goes to comfort her, and they strike an easy conversation.

Wanting to help Devi, he asks her to dance to make Paxton jealous. It works, but all Devi sees is Des. After the party, Devi is infuriated that Des never texted her. Seeing as their mothers are friends, she unceremoniously sees him at dinner. She soon learns Des did not want to infringe on Devi as she just went through a breakup.

Thus Des and Devi start a secret romance in Never Have I Ever Season 3. Remember, Devi’s mother has a “no dating” rule. But when their mothers catch them locking lips, hell breaks loose – or so you think. Devi’s mother decides to allow the relationship. Mainly due to Des also being Indian, a good student, handsome, and a good influence.

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Des’s mother forces him to break it off with Devi

Never Have I Ever Season 3 is going well in terms of Devi’s new love life with Des. She is openly allowed to date and manages to be amicable with Des’s friends. But no one saw the curveball that was thrown at her. The time has come for the spring concert. While backstage, Devi is hit with emotional reality.

Her father died on the same day as the spring concert. While looking at the crowd, Devi imagines her father there and has a breakdown. Des’s mother is the one to find her in the bathroom and comfort her. But she only spells trouble afterward.

She meets with Des to say she is unsure of their relationship. Des is worried but is shocked when his mother tells him to break up with Devi. She believes that Devi has too much emotional baggage and could ruin Des’s future. Seeing as Ben overheard everything, he tells her the truth. When Devi also learns that Des lied about not being available, she confronts him.

Des tells the truth that dating her is not worth angering his mother. Devi breaks up with Des and throws coffee at him. Later that day, Des’s mother confronts Devi and her mother. Devi’s mother learns the truth and defends Devi. She also breaks off her friendship with Des’s mother.

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