‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Finale: Devi Makes a Choice and Follows Her Heart

Fans get to the end of another school year in Never Have I Ever Season 3. The end of the year also marked a few changes for Devi and her friends. Not only does she move on from Paxton and see him graduate, but another romance is on the horizon. Fans have seen Devi between feelings for Des, Paxton, and Ben throughout the season. But in the finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3, Devi chooses who to love.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3.]

Devi and Des are over, but so are Ben and Aneesa in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 finale

As the characters continue their junior year, a lot goes on this season. Devi was excited to walk into school with the hottest boy in town on her arm. But fans watched the new IT couple slowly deteriorate due to Devi giving in to her insecurities.

Due to Devi’s jealousy of Paxton’s rekindling a friendship with his former female friend, he breaks up with her. A time-lapse has Devi get over Paxton until she meets Des at Trent’s party. But this is not the only troubled relationship. In Never Have I Ever Season 2, Aneesa and Ben became a couple. But the finale showed that Ben still had feelings for Devi when he learned that she was going to pick him.

In the third season, Ben and Aneesa also find themselves in trouble. Aneesa starts to notice how egotistical Ben can be toward her. In one scene, she tries to make him realize that his obsession with academics is extreme. But he only chastises her. She also realizes that Ben is more worried about Devi’s drama with her mysterious DMer to be there for her.

Ben also makes fun of her lack of intellect when she thinks he is talking about the Taylor Swift album 1984 and not the book by George Orwell. Aneesa soon breaks up with Ben, stating she deserves someone excited to be with her as she is.

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Devi picks Ben in the finale of the Netflix series

In the last episode of Never Have I Ever Season 3, Devi chooses for herself. After visiting the special school in Colorado with her mom, Devi decides to move her senior year to attend. After Paxton’s speech and graduation, Ben overhears that Devi is going.

Before this point, fans have seen small teasers that Ben still likes Devi. He is the one to tell her the truth about what Des’s mother told him about Devi. He also looks at her with longing. When he learns Devi decided to go, he pours out his heart.

He says that he does not want her to go. While Devi teases him that he has always hated her personality, he says the opposite. Ben tells Devi he does not want her to go because he will miss her. There is a moment of realization for Devi as she looks at Ben. They are interrupted by Paxton, and Devi congratulates him.

Later at home, Devi realizes she spent most of her time obsessing over boys. But when she feels something in her jacket, she realizes part of her still wants that dream. Devi shows up at Ben’s door and gives him the small note he gave her, saying, “One free boink.” Never Have I Ever Season 3 ends with Devi kissing Ben.

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What’s next for the couple in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4?

With the third season having recently premiered, Never Have I Ever Season 4 is still a mystery. Fans know Devi is not moving to Colorado and staying in Sherman Oaks for her senior year. The finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3 also has a new romance opportunity for Devi.

The series played around with Devi’s inability to choose one boyfriend. While she developed feelings for Ben, she also wanted Paxton. It led to a messy two-timing scenario until she made up with Paxton. The finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3 now has Devi again pursuing her feelings for Ben.

The question is if this relationship will last through the fourth season. All fans know is that actor Michael Cimino has been cast as the fourth season’s new heartthrob. Never Have I Ever Season 4 is also the last for the series as Mindy Kaling wants it to end it realistically.

Watch the finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3 on Netflix.

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