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Besides Devi, there is another Never Have I Ever character that fans have seen evolve tremendously. Fans cannot stop raving about the new direction Paxton takes in life in Never Have I Ever Season 3. A lot goes on for him this season between him and Devi, but above all, fans see his solo journey into discovering his worth outside of his high school image.

Paxton decides to pursue college in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3

Paxton is the proclaimed popular heartthrob of Sherman Oaks high and the guy every girl dreams about. He becomes a big part of Devi’s coming-of-age story as she deals with young love, sexual desire, and more. Never Have I Ever Season 3 begins with Paxton and Devi debuting as a couple.

Sadly, their romance is cut short when Paxton can no longer try to assure Devi that he wants to be with her. But it also marks the start of something new for Paxton. The series continues his story in a heartwarming way.

When he was with Devi, she pushed him to succeed in his academics and try new things. Without her, Paxton is left to his own devices. As a senior, he has his future ahead of him and decides to change his life. While dating his new girlfriend, Paxton realizes he no longer wants the easy, drinking, and party-filled relationships. He also puts his heart into getting into college.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 also shows Paxton’s realization that everyone sees him as the ‘pretty boy’ with chiseled abs and nothing more. By the end of the season, Paxton has come into his own and gives a resonating speech at graduation about hard work and being more than people’s perception.

Fans love Paxton’s story arc at the end of the third season

When fans first meet Paxton, he embodied his high school title of being the “hot” guy and showed no real substance. A fan on Reddit comments, “Paxton was meh in S1, but they really started fleshing him out in S2 and especially now in S3 he has learned to be a more well-rounded individual.”

In Never Have I Ever Season 3, fans were happy to see Paxton breaks free of his high school shackles and be a more authentic version of himself. “Paxton was the highlight for me. His character growth and his chemistry with Devi …. chefs kiss. I was so proud when he got into college and really got to prove his worth to everyone who thought that he was a dumb hottie lol,” said a fan.

Above all, fans love Paxton’s growing arc concerning Devi’s story. He took what he learned from her and realized he had his own mind. “What I loved SO MUCH about Paxton’s storyline this season wasn’t just his continued personal growth, which was gorgeous to see him navigate with grace and humility, but how he actually lets go of Devi for HER own good,” said a fan.

Fans feel that Paxton’s story arc is well deserved and a good cause and effect of being with Devi. He understands his insecurities and fears and comes to care more about Devi than what high schoolers think.

Fans want to see Paxton return as equal with Devi in the final season

Paxton’s story arc could have been a storyline plan for his return in Never Have I Ever Season 4. The series’ co-creator confirms Paxton will return, and the love triangle between him, Ben, and Devi is far from over. Compared to other seasons, Paxton is no longer Devi’s “dream” guy or above her standards.

For the final season, Paxton is on an equal level to Devi and no longer on a pedestal. Fans have high hopes for Paxton. One fan explains, “My hope for their future is that whilst Paxton is at college, he still constantly talks to Devi because she gives him a sense of peace and comfort. Until eventually, he realises that he’s in love with her and comes back to California to tell her. Only for Ben and her to be dating. Although he realises he lost his chance, he’s still there as her friend and supports her.”

The fourth season could explore Paxton’s remaining feelings for Devi as she learns what she truly wants out of life and to accept herself. A new Devi and Paxton could lead to a more fulfilling love story.


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