New Discovery+ Docuseries Promises ‘Never-Before-Heard’ Details About the Investigation Into Princess Diana’s Death


  • The Princess Diana Investigations is a disovery+ docuseries that examines the official investigations into Princess Diana’s death. 
  • Made up of four parts, the program includes interviews with U.K. and French detectives who investigated the Alma tunnel crash. 
  • The Princess Diana Investigations will begin streaming on Aug. 18.

Prior to the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, discovery+ is releasing The Princess Diana Investigations. It’s a docuseries examining the investigation of the car crash that took the British royal’s life and those of Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul. Ahead, find out what to expect in the program, from “never-before-heard” details to the release date and more. 

The discovery+ docuseries revisits official investigations into Princess Diana’s death by French and U.K. police

The Diana Investigations focuses on the two official investigations into Diana’s death. One by French authorities in 1997 and another by the U.K.’s Metropolitan Police in 2004. 

According to Variety, the series features interviews with detectives in the U.K. and France. There will be some who haven’t spoken publicly about investigating Diana’s death. It “explores in forensic detail what happened in the investigations,” Shaminder Nahal, head of specialist factual and commissioning editor at Channel 4, said.  

“What it was like for the detectives working on a huge global news story that was not just a tragedy for the families involved, but a massive internet phenomenon too. In the end, the series asks profound questions about ourselves as a society and the nature of truth,” Nahal added. 

Expect ‘new insight’ and ‘never-before-heard details’ about the investigations into Princess Diana’s death

The Diana Investigations won’t be a rehashing of known details surrounding the investigation. Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming at discovery+, told Town & Country it will have “new insight.” 

“We wanted to revisit this moment in time to provide new insight as we approach the 25th anniversary,” he said. “Over the course of four parts, The Diana Investigations will give you exclusive revelations from those on the ground,” he added. It includes “investigating the accident, covering the aftermath, and looking into the alleged conspiracies.” 

The accounts, he added, provide a “new perspective on exactly what happened and why it changed the world.” Meanwhile, the show promises to provide a “new look” at the investigations as well as reveal “never-before-heard details.”  

‘The Princess Diana Investigations’ will address, and perhaps ‘lay to rest,’ conspiracy theories

Princess Diana, whose death and the subsequent investigations are the subject of the discovery+ docuseries, 'The Princess Diana Investigations,' smiles sitting in the backseat of a car
Princess Diana | Steve Eichner/Getty Images

There are multiple conspiracy theories about Diana’s death, some of which will be covered in the series. Henry Singer, an executive producer at Sandpaper Films, said the “hope” is to “lay to rest the conspiracy theories that continue to obscure the truth of what happened in the Alma tunnel that night.”

Additionally, he described it as “a window into the world today.” One where conspiracy theories “have gone mainstream and are actually pushed by people in positions of real power.” 

The Diana Investigations will begin streaming on discovery+ starting Aug. 18, 2022, days before the anniversary of Diana’s death on Aug. 31, 2022. 

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