The New ‘Dune’ Trailer Outlines a Complex Science-Fiction Narrative, But Fans Are Focused on Oscar Isaac

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune hits theaters this December, almost a full year after its initial 2020 release date. Warner Bros. Pictures delayed the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science-fiction classic due to surges in COVID-19 cases, but the excitement around the film is ramping up again. That proved especially true when Warner Bros. dropped a new Dune trailer, which outlines the plot of the sprawling sci-fi narrative — though fans are a bit preoccupied with Oscar Isaac after watching it.

The second ‘Dune’ trailer takes a deep dive into the sci-fi film’s plot

Those wondering what Dune is about will get more insight from the new trailer, which opens with Chani (Zendaya) worrying over the fate of her planet, Arrakis. The footage shows off the desert planet and teases the threat of “outsiders” before transitioning to the film’s protagonist, Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). The segue suggests Chani and Paul will have some sort of connection throughout the film, as does Paul’s admission that he’s dreaming about her.

From there, the trailer presents the event pulling the narrative together: House Atreides being sent to Arrakis to secure “peace.” That effort will be led by Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), but it looks to be a challenging endeavor. The scenes in the trailer tease betrayals from within, violent attacks on Arrakis, and serious problems for the Atreides family.

The “chosen one” storyline falls on Paul in this film, but fans remain more focused on his father after watching the Dune trailer.

After the ‘Dune’ trailer, fans can’t get enough of Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides

Almost as soon as the Dune trailer dropped, those anticipating the film took to the internet to discuss one character: Duke Leto Atreides. Isaac, best known for playing Poe in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, takes on a whole new look with this role. From the discussions circling Twitter, it’s clear fans are into it.

“Oscar Isaac and his beard in the new Dune trailer,” one fan tweeted alongside photos of Duke Atreides. Others echoed similar sentiments, filling timelines with images of the character.

It’s not just Isaac’s grey beard and armor that have viewers hyping up his performance. It’s also the opportunity to see the actor in a layered role that gives him plenty of room to shine.

“Oscar Isaac in Dune hits different,” Nerdist tweeted.

“Oscar Isaac will finally get the performance in Dune that he should have gotten in Star Wars,” another Twitter user wrote.

Judging by the trailer, Isaac will live up to fans’ expectations when Dune arrives. His words to Paul as the footage ends hint at a compelling, emotional performance. It will no doubt draw even more viewers to his character.

When will ‘Dune’ arrive in theaters?

Oscar Isaac as Duke Atreides in the Dune trailer. He's standing with Josh Brolin as Gurney and holding binoculars
Josh Brolin and Oscar Isaac in ‘Dune’ | Warner Bros. Pictures

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The trailer for Dune may have excited film lovers and sci-fi fans, but they’ve got a bit longer to wait before seeing the film in theaters. Villeneuve’s blockbuster arrives on Oct. 22, 2021, putting a few months between the new footage and Dune‘s release.

The film will also be available to stream on HBO Max for 31 days, starting on its release date. Although there were concerns about whether or not the movie would make it to the platform, the trailer confirms it’s sticking to the joint release model.