‘New Girl’: 3 Plot Holes That Still Infuriate Fans

New Girl is largely considered a well-written and well-constructed series. The series followed Jessica Day after she moved in with three male roommates following a breakup. For seven seasons, fans delighted in the antics of Jess, Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Winston Bishop. Not everything about the show was picture-perfect, though. Several years after Fox aired its final episode, fans are still infuriated by these three major plot holes. 

Coach claims he can’t talk to women but later claims to understand women because he has sisters

Coach’s storyline starts out a bit convoluted. The character appeared in the pilot episode, but due to contractual obligations, was written out after. The show’s writers didn’t kill off the character, though. Instead, Coach was mentioned periodically and eventually reunited with his loft mates. That is when his storyline got a bit weird. 

Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach in 'New Girl'
Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach in ‘New Girl’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

In the show’s pilot, Coach asked Jess how to speak to women because he was having trouble at work. He claimed he had no idea what women wanted or how to talk to them without making them cry. Several seasons later, Coach suddenly acted like an expert, claiming to know what women are thinking and how they treat each other because he “has sisters.”The inconsistency is likely due to a writer’s error, but it still irks New Girls fans. 

The gang treats a landline phone like a foreign object, but they previously had one in the loft 

In season 4, the loft mates are forced to get a landline phone when reception issues suddenly begin plaguing their building. While a landline seems like a perfectly good solution, the gang all acts as if they’ve never seen a landline phone before in their lives. The only one who really takes to the phone is Nick Miller, who becomes a defacto secretary for the gang. 

Reddit user points out that not only are the pals old enough to have used corded, landline phones before, but they actually had a landline when the series began. In the season 2 episode, “Bathtub,” Jess and Winston Bishop ransack their apartment to cover up for their bathtub snafu. One of the items they take when staging the robbery is a home phone. 

Schmidt’s breakup with Elizabeth doesn’t coincide with his ‘New Girl’ storyline 

Schmidt fancied himself a ladies’ man. While he was an active participant in hookup culture, by all accounts, he only really had two serious relationships. Before New Girl began, he dated Elizabeth. Schmidt and Elizabeth were together in college but broke up at some point after. After college, Schmidt trimmed down and toned up. To hear Elizabeth tell it, she and Schmidt broke up because of his weight loss, but that doesn’t coincide with other things shown. 

Max Greenfield as Schmidt poses in front of a billboard during an episode of 'New Girl'
Schmidt in ‘New Girl’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

In a flashback episode, Schmidt is shown living in the loft and hooking up with girls who aren’t Elizabeth. In those scenes, he’s still overweight. Schmidt also seemed excited to show off his slim figure to Elizabeth when the pair briefly reconnected in season 2. So, fans are left to wonder when the couple broke up and how his weight loss factored into the doomed romance.