New ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Teaser Reveals Carrie’s Reaction to Jabari’s Disappearance

Only a few more days remain until the return of Power Book II: Ghost, the second show in the Power universe. Beginning after the death of James St. Patrick, the series follows his son, Tariq, as he navigates that next chapter in his life. He begins selling drugs to support his family and becomes involved with the Tejada criminal organization, but in the process, puts everything he loves in danger.

The first season of Power Book II: Ghost left off with the shocking murder of Jabari Reynolds, a professor at Stansfield University who was also known for his past relationship with Carrie Milgram. With the next season growing closer, Starz has unveiled a new teaser for the show, which captures Carrie’s initial reaction to the missing professor.

Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq St. Patrick siting in a chair in 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq St. Patrick in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2 begins shortly after the murder

By the Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 finale, Jabari had discovered the truth about Tariq. He promised to keep his criminal dealings a secret under the condition that Tariq allow him to write a book on his life. But he was shot by Cane Tejada after Cane overheard one of the conversations.

After Tariq finished him off, he disposed of Jabari’s body and settled into life as if nothing happened. However, we know from the trailer that his death will generate a huge reaction back at school.

“Where we had begun an encroachment of his drug life into his school life with the incidents that took place in episode 8 with the attempt on his life and the body in the pool, now his whole drug life is crashed into his campus life in a real way,” Power creator and showrunner Courtney Kemp told Entertainment Weekly when discussing the show.

“And Tariq definitely feels like he’s walking around as a ticking time bomb,” she continued. “His relationships are going to get more complicated, and while that’s all happening he’s still got a love life.”

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Carrie Milgram’s reaction to Jabari Reynolds’ disappearance

In the new teaser, shared during the week of Nov. 7, Lauren Baldwin spots Tariq heading to class and flags him down. She heard that his mother got out of prison and says she would love to meet her, not realizing Tasha St. Patrick is long gone, in the federal witness protection program.

Carrie enters the common area and wonders where Jabari is. When the students say they haven’t seen him, she calls Jabari to find out what’s going on. It’s the first day of a new ethics class, and she’s annoyed he’s not there.

The clip was shared on the official Instagram page for Power Book II: Ghost, next to the caption, “Everything’s about to come to light when #PowerGhost returns Nov. 21 on @starz.”

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Will Tariq be found out in ‘Power Book II: Ghost?’

Though the video doesn’t reveal what happens after she learns of his death, Justin McManus, who played Jabari, teased that she could find his laptop, which contained notes on Tariq.

“Season two, I can’t say nothing, but I will say this: Whoever finds Jabari’s computer is going to have a lot of information,” he previously said in a video shared online.

The rest of the Power Book II: Ghost cast has kept their comments on the next season to a minimum. But fans can see it all unfold when the show returns on Nov. 21.