Niall Horan Says He Was ‘Snubbed’ From Brit Awards After Harry Styles Snags Nomination

Niall Horan reacted to the Brit Awards nominations. The former One Direction singer voiced his thoughts on Twitter following the announcement. His album, Heartbreak Weather, came out in March 2020 and it was his second studio album after One Direction. Horan didn’t hold back from delivering what he thought about the nominations. His One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, did receive one for “Watermelon Sugar.”

One Direction posing together ahead of possible reunion after hiatus
Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles from the band One Direction | Mark Davis/Getty Images

Niall Horan released his second album ‘Heartbreak Weather’ in 2020

Heartbreak Weather came out on March 13, 2020. The timing of the album in hindsight seemed unfortunate. That was the same day the United States went into a “national emergency” due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many at the time were focused on the virus outbreak.

That meant less attention on Horan’s album, Heartbreak Weather, which many fans regard as a “no-skip” album. While fans loved Heartbreak Weather, the album didn’t receive any Grammy Award nominations for the 2021 ceremony.

Following the Grammys trend, Horan also did not receive any Brit Awards nominations — which are the British equivalent of the Grammys.

Niall Horan said the Brit Awards ‘snubbed’ him on Twitter

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Horan reacted to the nomination news by going on his Twitter account. He tweeted: “Snubbed” with an accompanying thumbs-up and crying-laughter emoji.

Clearly, Horan took the “snub” in pride. He didn’t let awards and recognition dominate his focus. Horan made sure fans knew he was taking it all in jest by clarifying in a second tweet that he was joking.

Fans of Horan’s know he has joked about “snubs” before. He tweeted the same thing in November 2020 when Grammy nominations came out. Horan also tweeted that he “won the Grammys,” joking about the “snub” for his album.

Many interpreted his winning the Grammys tweet as a dig at the United States President. Horan had been vocally against President Trump in the past.

Regardless of Horan joking around, his fans still wanted him to get recognition for Heartbreak Weather.

One Direction’s Harry Styles received Brit Award nominations

Horan was in One Direction with Styles from 2010 to 2015. The band announced in 2015 that they would be taking an “18-month hiatus” after their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. While it has been six years and the band has yet to reunite, all of them have gone on to have successful solo careers.

Horan’s bandmate, Styles, was nominated for three Grammy Awards for songs from his album Fine Line. Styles won Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar.”

Styles is also being honored at the 2021 Brit Awards for the same song, in the Song of the Year category, per Variety.

In addition to Horan’s music career, the star also focuses on his favorite sport, golf. He founded a management company, Modest! Golf Management, to support athletes in the field.

Horan has yet to announce his next album, but fans are speculating that a One Direction reunion could happen in 2021.