Nick Jonas Admitted It’s His Fault the Jonas Brothers Split Up

Everyone remembers the Jonas Brothers from the early 2000s — the spunky pop band featuring Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas, three brothers from New Jersey who captured the hearts of millions of fans during their several-year reign over the pop music industry. But the brothers learned the hard way that fame comes with obstacles. And eventually, things got to be a lot for the three young adults to handle — and Nick Jonas admits to being the reason the group eventually split up back in 2013.

Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers | Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers ruled the pop world in the late 2000s

You’d probably never know the Jonas Brothers’ hit “Year 3000” was actually a cover of another band’s song. That’s because the teen brothers had such a pull on pop music that they outshined any other band. With hits such as “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” and “Burnin’ Up,” it seemed like the Jonas Brothers’ Reign would never end. Kevin, Joe, and Nick were on top of the world for nearly a decade, but not everything was at it seemed. During their final tour during 2012 and 2013, Nick realized that things weren’t the same and his heart wasn’t in it anymore.

Nick opened up to his father about wanting to leave the band back in 2013

Nick revealed that he once had a panic attack about the way things were going in the band, and that’s when he knew he had to talk to someone about how he felt. “I feel like I’m fighting against something that’s not working,” Nick said to his father, Kevin Jonas Sr. Nick recalled how it seemed all three brothers were going in different directions in their lives, and he had a two-hour conversation with his father about it before telling the brothers how he was feeling.

Nick told the brothers he wanted to leave the band, and the group split in 2013

When Nick told Joe and Kevin that he wanted to leave the band, they didn’t take it lightly. He sat them down and explained that things weren’t working, but Joe later said that he felt like Nick wanted to do a solo act and continue his career without his brothers. Despite Joe being hurt, he agreed to Nick’s decision, and Kevin realized he had no choice but to accept that the band had broken up; the Jonas Brothers announced their official split back in 2013. However, it wasn’t an easy thing for any of them. It ended up creating some tension among all of them for a while after things ended.

The Jonas Brothers reunited in 2019

Nick said he was the impetus for getting the group back together in 2019

Nick went on to have a successful solo career. Joe also had some hits in his band DNCE, while Kevin decided to put fame on the back burner and focus on his growing family. However, the brothers’ relationships did get a lot better through the years. And eventually, a Jonas Brothers reunion became the priority for all of them. Nick told James Corden the brothers spent a year “doing therapy” and working through things among themselves before officially announcing their reunion.

The brothers began working on their documentary “Chasing Happiness” for Amazon when they realized they wanted to get back together. Nick said he knew this was where the brothers needed to be, and everyone was on board with a reunion. The trio released their first single in six years, “Sucker,” which has proved to be a major comeback hit. The JoBros are officially back.

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