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In her new jaw-dropping memoir, Open Book, Jessica Simpson is revealing some startling and very personal details about her life. Though the former pop star was once put her entire life on television, in the past 15 years, she’s been much more reserved about the intimate details of her personal life.

The fashion mogul and her husband, Eric Johnson, have been shared glimpses of their lives with their adorable children. However, Simpson is now revealing that her life wasn’t always so picturesque. Resulting from being sexually abused when she was a child — Simpson revealed she struggled with alcohol abuse for years.

In Open Book she also shares details about her marriage to Nick Lachey and the real reason the pair were driven to divorce. However, Lachey just revealed why he has no interest in it.

Inside Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s relationship

Today, Simpson and Lachey are married to other people. However, in the early 2000s, they were Hollywood’s perfect couple. The pair met in 1998 when . Simpson was 18 and Lachey was 25, and they were immediately smitten with one another.

“He was my first love,” Simpson says in excerpts of Open Book. “Nick loved the fact I was so strong in my faith and that I had this wide-eyed innocent approach to life. When he proposed in 2002, I said yes.”

However, when the pair began starring on their MTV reality show MTV show Newlyweds, which ran for three seasons between 2003 and 2005 — they realized they didn’t know very much about each other.

This is the real reason Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey got divorced

In the end — the pressures of fame and their show were too much for Simpson and Lachey to handle. “We were young and pioneering our way through reality television, always miced and always on,” Simpson writes. “We worked and we were great at it but when it came time to being alone, we weren’t great at it anymore. We really got crushed by the media and by ourselves. I couldn’t lie to our fans and I couldn’t give somebody hope that we were this perfect golden couple.”

Despite the demise of their relationship, Simpson says she has nothing but respect for the 98 Degrees alum. “I respect Nick very much,” she explained. “I was really young and my success hadn’t really begun. He knew me as this young innocent 18-year-old that had never been introduced to the world in so many ways. I went straight from my father to him. Nick’s very smart. He was eight years older than me, but he was also young. We meant a lot to each other and we always will. I want to be very respectful because I married him for a reason and we were together for seven years for a reason. He has a family now and I would never say anything to disrespect that.”

Nick Lachey refuses to read Jessica Simpson’s book

In the book– Simpson reveals that she and Lachey had sex once after they were divorced. “He rang the bell, and out of reflex, I hugged him. I meant it, too. Despite my anger, I missed him,” Simpson wrote. “I didn’t know any other way to make it better, so I slept with him.”

Still, Lachey isn’t here to relive the details of his failed marriage.
“Well, no, I have not read a single word,” he told Us Weekly. He then referred to his wife of eight years, Vanessa Lacheysaying, “Both of us have not read the book, and no, she did not reach out before it was published.”

It doesn’t appear that Lachey has any interest in taking a trip down memory lane either.