Nick Viall Responds to Claim that He Hates Madison Prewett

Former bachelor and current podcast host, Nick Viall certainly has had a lot to say about Madison Prewett as of late. Prewett gained Instagram fame throughout Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Though Prewett managed to catch Weber’s attention, Bachelor Nation’s views on the 24-year-old were polarizing. Some people love that she’s willing to stick up for herself and her faith. Others, however, question why she even came on a show given the values she has.

Nick Viall on Madison Prewett
Nick Viall | Emma McIntyre/WireImage

Bachelor alums have also spoken out about Prewett and her character. Viall was the latest alum to speak out about the Auburn native in a way that was less than favorable. In a recent interview, Viall bought up Prewett commenting on her own Instagram page calling herself “genuine and real” and then stating that it was “a friend.” Viall used that particular instance as an example of Prewett’s character.

Nick Viall calls Madison Prewett a liar

“We also know Madison to be a little bit of a liar. It’s true! I mean, people wanna forget. I know Madison wants to forget it. But, her Instagram. That’s not an allegation. It’s a fact she did that. And listen, it is silly and trivial, right? And there’s a logical explanation for it, which is that she wanted people to like her. It’s a totally relatable thing,” Viall began about Prewett.

Viall continued on to discuss Prewett’s “righteous” behavior. “If you’re gonna be righteous and you’re gonna be pious, and you’re gonna like talk about your relationship with God, and how you want to be an example to young women, blah blah blah blah blah, then I hold you to a higher standard. And so don’t be a liar, don’t be vain. I’m vain, I can be vain! Don’t have your family use Bruce Pearl’s house for your hometown and sell it as your own home. When it’s not your home!” Viall declared.

‘Bachelor’ fans on Instagram question if Viall hates Prewett

Hearing this rant, many fans of Prewett questioned why Viall had such strong opinions about her. During a recent Q & A session he hosted on his Instagram story, one of Prewett’s fans demanded to know why he “hated” the former reality TV star. “Why do you hate Madison Prewett? You don’t even know her!!” the fan declared. Viall was quick to set the record straight, citing that he didn’t hate her, but was merely opinionated about her.

“I don’t hate Madison. I have disagreed with some of her decisions she made public. I have also agreed with other things she made public. I have a podcast and I give my opinions about the things people make public when using their platforms. I made my opinion public, some people criticized me for it. That’s OK… Conversation and disagreement are healthy,” Viall shared about his true opinions on Prewett.

Will Prewett ever be a guest on Viall’s podcast?

Viall then addressed a fan questioning whether he would consider having Prewett on his podcast, The Viall Files, and whether or not he believed she would agree to be a guest. Viall expressed interest in interviewing her, but wasn’t convinced she’d accept an invitation were he to extend it. “Yes, I would have her on. I think it could be an interesting discussion. I don’t think she will. I would love to be wrong,” Viall wrote. Personally, we can’t see Prewett agreeing to be on Viall’s podcast. But, stranger things have happened in quarantine.