Inside Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s Vicious Twitter War

Though it’s been several years since they were a couple, and they are both in different relationships, things are extremely tense between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. When the couple split back in 2017, they traded a few vicious barbs back and forth.

However, since then — the rappers have mostly focused on themselves, their careers, and their personal lives. Their truce went up on flames in late Jan. 2020 when Mill and Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, were nearly caught in a physical altercation. Now Minaj and Mill were just in a vicious Twitter war airing out each other’s dirty laundry.

The real reason Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill broke up

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were good friends before they started dating in 2015. In fact, the duo collaborated on Minaj’s 2014 album The Pinkprint and Mill’s 2015 album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. By 2015 their relationship had turned romantic.

The pair continued to collaborate and appear at various events and award shows together. However, by January 2017 they called it quits. “They were fighting on and off for a little while about a few topics that upset Nicki. They had a bigger fight and then called it quits,” a source told E! News,

Once the breakup happened, Mill jumped on social media and began shading the Queen rapper.

The intense fight between Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, and her husband nearly turned physical

Many people assumed Mill and Minaj were no longer bothered by each other. However, on Jan. 24,  the rappers and Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty had a run-in at a West Hollywood store.

According to TMZ, Mill was in the store when Minaj and her husband entered it. Petty approached the Charm City Kings star asking him about some shady comments he’d made and Mill suggested they talk in private. However, that did not go over well.

The Shade Room obtained the video of a screaming match between Mill, Minaj, and Petty. Minaj can be hard accusing Mill of not being over her.

Inside Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s vicious Twitter war

Unfortunately, the store encounter was not the end of the war between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. Now, they’ve taken their feud to Twitter. It began on Feb. 5 when Minaj noticed Mill liked one of her photos. She tweeted, “Trigger fingers turn to #TwitterFingers.” She the accused Mill of being a “bad built face a** obsessed with the Queen.” She added he had been, “tweeting bout my man for a year now. Talking bout he went to my page to see him but he was blocked.”

Mill was not having it. He quickly tweeted back, “You sad you willing to crash your man because you losing now and everybody in the industry know you a bad person! “You full of hate and the whole industry know you full of hate.” Mill added, “and ya bag getting low so you wanna destroy me. Industry people let these people survive this long in the game knowing they really nasty people and have a nasty upbringing… Everybody really know what’s going on! I’m powerful I’m never scared to speak up!”

Things got even worse from there. Minaj tweeted, “You beat your own sister and taped it. Spit on her & taped it. Kicked me in front your mother and sent her to the hospital. Sucking drake d*ck made u feel tough again. Move on.”

It doesn’t look like the bad blood will vanish between these two anytime soon.