Nicki Minaj Responds to Lil Nas X Revealing Why He Didn’t Admit to Being a Barb

Since Lil Nas X hit the scene and became an international music superstar, he can’t seem to rid himself of the NasMaraj Twitter rumblings. Once and for all, the entertainer spoke about why he decided to not reveal the fact that he operated a Nicki Minaj stan account.

Nicki Minaj
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Lil Nas X has been long connected to a Nicki Minaj stan account

There is a long, documented history of Lil Nas X formerly running as big Nicki Minaj stan account on Twitter, called NasMaraj. An early 2019 article from the New Yorker laid out everything, including how the star used to be a Tweetdecker, a practice used by popular stan accounts to go viral. Tweedecker accounts are now banned on Twitter.

Despite several reports and confirmations that Lil Nas X was Nas Maraj, he and his team continued to deny it for some time. Lil Nas X told NPR in April 2019, “It’s like a big misunderstanding and it’s not one that I even want to give the time, because I’m never putting someone as the face of my career. So I don’t even speak on it. I just don’t even acknowledge it, really. I know even more things are being made up and they’re gonna be out there. It is disappointing when a big blog will post something without me talking about it but, I mean, it happens.”

After all of the denials, he made the first step in coming forward as the former NasMaraj account in May. He tweeted “life is too short to pretend you’re not a barb.” Though he didn’t explicitly confirm that he wasn’t NasMaraj account, he at least let on that he knew about all of the evidence and rumors.

Lil Nas X reveals why he didn’t want to come out as a Barb and Nicki Minaj chimes in

Just over a month after Lil Nas X hinted at the fact that he was NasMaraj, he took to social media to officially confirm it and revealed why he decided to hide.

Everything went down on Wednesday when Minaj posted a video of herself on Twitter. Lil Nas X responded with a meme, saying, “i have this song i want u on and was wondering….”

Then, a fan responded to Lil Nas X and said, “How come you never claimed her when people asked if you were a barb?? We all knew who you were.” He responded with, “i didn’t want people to know i was gay tbh.”

When another fan said being gay did not necessarily equal being a barb, Lil Nas X said, “it don’t but people will assume if you had an entire fan page dedicated to nicki u are gay. and the rap/music industry ain’t exactly built or accepting of gay men yet.”

Minaj then acknowledged Lil Nas X’s tweets, saying, “It was a bit of a sting when you denied being a barb, but I understand. 🎀 Congratulations on building up your confidence to speak your truth. @LilNasX.”


Did Lil Nas X Just Finally Admit to Being NasMaraj?

No word yet if the two are planning some sort of collaboration as an official truce of sorts.