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A lot of Nicolas Cage fans watch his movies for his outrageous performances. Sure, he won an Oscar for playing an alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas, but he got famous for movies like The Rock and Face/Off, where he screamed and made faces. Fans discovered earlier roles like Vampire’s Kiss which is the source of many Nicolas Cage memes. Movies like Color Out of Space are more like that.

Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson
Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson | Gustavo Figueiredo/RLJE Films

Now, Cage is doing smaller, independent movies where he doesn’t even have to fight with the studio to give the extreme performance he wants. Movies like Mandy, Between Worlds and Color Out of Space give him free reign. It appears Cage went even further in Color Out of Space than the movie had room for. Fortunately, you can still enjoy Cage’s additional scenes in the DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD releases’ deleted scenes.

Nicolas Cage in ‘Color Out of Space’

Color Out of Space is about a meteor that falls from space and creates weirdness for an isolated family on their alpaca farm. In the beginning, Nathan Gardner (Cage) is just a normal father. Well, normal in that he doesn’t think he’s a vampire or wearing his mortal enemy’s face. He’s still goofy and exaggerated.

Color Out of Space
An alpaca | Gustavo Figueiredo/RLJE Films

Then the meteor falls and he tries to hold it together. By the time he takes his wife Theresa (Joely Richardson) to the hospital, it’s too much. When he arrives home, he overreacts to his daughter Lavinia (Madeleine Arthur) neglecting her alpaca chores. Then he really freaks out when the meteor contaminated water has ruined his vegetables. 

He’s also got to react to his family’s bodies fusing together and weird hybrid creatures created by the meteor. Color Out of Space is a good vehicle for Cage. However, there’s even more to see that didn’t make it into the film.

Nicolas Cage vs. cursing

When Nathan drags Lavinia back in the house, there’s a whole section of Nathan ranting at his daughter. The movie cuts from outside to upstairs, but they filmed the whole scene inside the house going upstairs.

Lavinia struggles against Nathan. When she says “For f*ck’s sake,” Nathan chastizes her language. He eventually starts dropping F bombs too, so he’s only a puritan until he’s too stressed out to contain himself. He’s caked in blood with a blood stained T shirt too, adding to the psychotic nature of the outburst.

Workout time in ‘Color Out of Space’

Color Out of Space deleted a scene in which Jack Gardner (Julian Hilliard) gets sick. It seems to come shortly after the meteor lands as a foreboding warning sign that things are about to get weird. It’s certainly well before Jack fuses to Theresa. 

Color Out of Space
L-R: Elliot Knight, Nicolas Cage and Q’orianka Kilcher | Gustavo Figueiredo/RLJE Films

When Jack is sick, Nathan gets restless. He suggests Jack exercise to get the blood flowing to feel better. He does jumping jacks. Theresa tries to get him to be quiet and he doesn’t get it. He even tries to do a handstand and handstand pushups. Let’s just say there are some things even Nicolas Cage can’t do. These seem like choices like when he did the alphabet in Vampire’s Kiss or the Hokey Pokey in Mom and Dad.