Nicole Richie aka Nikki Fre$h Dishes on Her Music Career and Which of Her Chickens is Her Favorite

Nicole Richie has never been afraid to step outside of her comfort zone and try something new. Back in the early 2000s, she and her former BFF, Paris Hilton, moved in with a family in Arkansas to experience some down-home country living and film their reality TV show, The Simple Life. 

Perhaps it was the time she spent in Arkansas combined with her love of healthy eating that made her adopt her new alter ego, Nikki Fre$h. She is now making her new, hip personality to the small-screen and launching her own reality show on Quibi to show off her musical talents as well as teaching people about healthy living. Richie has not only adopted a new alter ego, but she has also adopted several farm animals. 

Nicole Richie wearing a white dress with black lining, standing in a garden
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Nicole Richie introduces the world to Nikki Fre$h

Six years ago, Richie decided to plant a garden so that she and her family could eat healthier. She was so proud of her first spinach crop that she posted a picture of her new garden on Instagram.  It was then that Nikki Fre$h was born and she decided that she had to share her creation with the world through song.

“I was so proud of [the garden] and wanted to share with the world how beautiful and spiritual gardening is,” Richie told Billboard. “I was like, ‘This is more than just words, I need to [express] this in the medium of music.”

Her original plan was to make an album about healthy eating, but she eventually decided to make a television series about her making an album about living a healthy lifestyle. It took her a few years to get all of the details ironed out, but last month, she announced that she has a new show on Quibi entitled Nikki Fre$h. On her show, she hilariously shows the world how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to her TV show, she is also coming out with a new album that features nine songs, which are also included in the soundtrack of her new show. She co-wrote many of the songs on the album with her husband, Good Charlotte frontman, Joel Madden.

Nicole Richie’s fresh lifestyle comes with a few cute friends

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Richie not only grows her own food in a garden, but she has also incorporated a little bit of farm life into her Beverly Hills home. According to Architectural Digest, her California mansion is also home to about 200 bees that she uses to collect fresh honey. She also has several chickens that have their own lavish chicken coop that was designed to look almost exactly like her house.

Nicole Richie’s chickens have some pretty interesting names

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Richie’s chickens are more than just pets, they are like members of her family. She loves her chickens so much that she even featured them in one of her newest music videos. She currently has several feathered friends and their names are Sunny, Daisy, Philomena, Mama Cass, Tallulah, Queen Latifah, Dixie Chick, Ivy, and Popsicles.

She obviously loves all of her chickens, but does she have a favorite? “I do have favorites,” Richie told Interview magazine. “So Queen Latifah is the leader. Sunny and Daisy are twins. I have Popsicles who’s a white silky. She’s white and fluffy looking. Then Dixie Chick. She’s my favorite because she’s the smallest and just the cutest.”

She then thought about it for a minute and realized she may actually have a new favorite.

“Actually, Ivy’s my favorite and Ivy’s the biggest, but she lets me pet her the most. So I’m going to ditch Dixie Chick and I’m going to go with Ivy.”

No matter which chicken Richie may like the best, there is no denying that all of her animals are living the life of luxury, and they are very lucky to find an owner that is as caring and loving as Richie is.