Nicole Richie Wants Bill Nye’s ‘Big Science Energy’ On Her Show

When you think about which current celebrity would make a great hip-hop star, your first thought is probably not Bill Nye. However, according to Nicole Richie, his voice and personality would sound perfect on her new album.

In case you haven’t heard, Richie recently adopted an alter ego named Nikki Fre$h. She uses her new persona to teach the world the importance of healthy living. She has decided to get the word out by creating funny and entertaining music videos and producing her own television series. She recently created a new album that features several hip-hop songs that illustrate the importance of living a clean lifestyle. So, is there a chance that we could see the world-famous educational personality, Bill Nye, in one of her upcoming music videos? Richie certainly hopes so.

Nicole Richie smiling in a black dress
Nicole Richie | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Who is Nikki Fre$h?

About six years ago, Richie decided to start a small garden at her home. The first plant that she was able to harvest was spinach. She was so excited that she was able to actually harvest food from her own garden that she shared her creation on Instagram with the hashtag #NikkiFre$h. She says that she continued to use that hashtag for all of her harvests post because “that’s what Oprah does.”

Recently, she decided to turn her new healthy lifestyle into a TV show on Quibi. The show is named after her alter ego, Nikki Fre$h, and features hilarious episodes that show her and her assistant trying to bring awareness of environmental preservation and healthy living to her community.

Nicole Richie’s musical career

In addition to her new show, Richie has also made a new trap album. With the help of her husband, Joel Madden, and brother-in-law, Benji Madden, Richie has created nine new songs that are as educational as they are entertaining. 

Richie made a music video for her songs and each one of her videos are featured at the end of each episode of her new show. In the videos, she looks like a natural, but she admitted to Variety that the thought of singing was a little intimidating at first.

“My first time ever in the studio, [Joel Madden] just plopped right down really casual, looked at me and was like, ‘Go,'” Richie recalled. “I was like, ‘Um, I’m going to need some vocal warm-ups, need you to not look at me.'”

Nicole Richie hopes that there will be a Nikki Fre$h and Bill Nye collaboration in the future

Richie recently spoke with Interview Magazine where she talked about who she would love to collaborate with one day. Some of her dream collaborations are extremely surprising. In addition to Jay Z, Snoop, Snoop Dog, and Martha Stewart, she says she would love to share the musical stage with Bill Nye (the science guy).

While she and Nye may not have collaborated on a song together yet, he was featured on one episode of Nikki Fre$h and she told Variety that she hopes to one day have him as a permanent figure on the show. “I want him to be on the show permanently,” Richie said. “He’s so smart and sweet and good-looking. He’s got hot science energy. Big science energy.”

So far, Nye has yet to say if he ever plans to work with Richie again. However, because they both seem to be interested in the same topics, like beehives and environmental preservation, we would not be surprised if we didn’t see the iconic TV personality in one of Nikki Fre$h’s music videos in the near future.