The Sweet Thing Jionni LaValle Does for Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi When She’s Hungover

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been married to her husband, Jionni LaValle, for more than six years. In their many years as a couple, LaValle has learned all about the Jersey Shore star’s quirks, pet peeves, and preferences — including what she enjoys when she’s had too much to drink. Discover the sweet thing “Snooki’s” husband does for her when she has a hangover. 

Jionni LaValle and Nicole 'Snooki Polizzi
Jionni LaValle and Nicole ‘Snooki Polizzi | Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV)

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is a fitness fanatic 

In her youth, Polizzi was a cheerleader. As documented on social media, she has instilled that love of cheer and gymnastics in her daughter. Polizzi admitted on her Instagram Stories that she misses cheer, but when she does it “then [she] can’t walk for a week.” Instead, Polizzi challenges her body with different workouts and running to stay fit.

In the past, Polizzi tried the Cookie Diet, which consisted of eating protein-based cookies. Nowadays, Polizzi relies on a balanced diet, her trainer, and variety in her workouts to stay healthy. Most of the time, Polizzi consumes a protein shake or bar for breakfast and lean proteins for lunch and dinner, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

“Being healthy is just my lifestyle,” Polizzi told The Cut in 2016. “It’s just how I eat and how I love to maintain my body.” 

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For Polizzi, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. During a cooking video with her podcast partner Joey Camasta, Polizzi revealed her secret to balancing fitness, dieting, and drinking. 

“For me, personally, I want my calories to be consumed with alcohol,” she said. “So, the better I can eat and stay healthy, the better.”

Nicole Polizzi enjoys a cocktail and a cheat meal every now and then

Vinny Guadagnino — better known as the “Keto Guido” — and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino have become known for their iconic cheat days. When they’re not consuming lean proteins and healthy fats, they’re heading to the buffet for a cheat day.

Like her Jersey Shore roommates, Polizzi will have a cheat meal occasionally. And like Guadagnino and Sorrentino, Polizzi enjoys a carb-heavy meal on her cheat days.

When she’s not eating butternut squash crostinis or no-carb bruschetta chicken, Polizzi said she loves a “pepperoni calzone and McDonald’s fries” on her Instagram Stories. 

‘Snooki’s husband Jionni LaValle orders her favorites when she’s hungover 

Polizzi met Jionni LaValle while filming Jersey Shore. Ironically, they met at one of the show’s hotspots, Karma. The two officially became an item in October 2010 and broke up briefly in 2011 after a fight during the Italy season of Jersey Shore

Everything worked out between Polizzi and LaValle, though. The two were married at a Great Gatsby-themed wedding in November 2014. Today, the couple share three children: Lorenzo, Giovanna, and Angelo. 

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Though Polizzi isn’t partying as much as she might be if she were filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, there are occasions when Polizzi drinks enough to experience a hangover. Her wine of choice is Francis Coppola’s signature red Claret. And when the Jersey Shore star is hungover, her husband comes to the rescue.

“Anytime I’m hungover, Jionni orders me [McDonald’s fries and pepperoni calzone],” Polizzi shared on her Instagram Stories.