Niecy Nash Wants to Star in ‘P-Valley’

Starz’s P-Valley is one of the biggest hits on television. Based on Katori Hall’s play of the same name and set in Chucalissa, Mississippi, P-Valley follows the women who work in the mega-popular strip club, The Pynk, and the club’s gender-non-conforming owner, Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan).

Uncle Clifford has a ton up her sleeve to keep the club from slipping further into debt. However, the entire dynamic of The Pynk shifts when Autumn (Elarica Johnson), a mysterious newcomer running from her past, arrives at the club’s doors. Autumn’s presence immediately puts Mercedes (Brandee Evans), the club’s headliner, on edge.

Season 1 was full of intrigue, drama, and sisterhood. Now, Emmy Award winner Niecy Nash says she wants to star on the show.

The women of 'P-Valley' in a scene at The Pynk
P-Valley | Starz

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What will ‘P-Valley’ Season 2 be about?

In addition to Autumn, Uncle Clifford, and Mercedes, P-Valley also focused on Keyshawn/Miss Mississippi (Shannon Thornton), Gidget (Skyler Joy), and Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson), who were also pillars at The Pynk. With Autumn now co-owning The Pynk with Uncle Clifford, things are about to change drastically.

“She came in getting her a** smacked on the dance floor and now, she has some ownership in the club,” Hall explained to ELLE. “The power dynamics at the club have completely changed and to see Uncle Clifford and Hailey fight over the throne will be stuff of legends.”

We know that the writers have a lot up their sleeve for the forthcoming season, so we’re going to have to see how it all pans out.

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‘P-Valley’ Season 2 will begin filming this summer

P-Valley will begin filming season two in Atlanta this summer. According to Starz’s casting call for the show, the production team is looking for adult actors with dancing experience who look like they are in their twenties.

The casting call also asks that these men, women, and non-binary actors be comfortable with nudity and sexual scenes. Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, filming for the show will begin one year after it first premiered, which means we won’t likely see any new episodes until the top of 2022.

Still, this means we might get some really thrilling cameos.

Niecy Nash wants to star in ‘P-Valley’

Celebrities are also loving P-Valley. Hall explained that Cardi B inspired the show, and the rapper has also expressed interest in appearing on the series. Now, Claws actor Niecy Nash has also revealed that she’d love to appear at The Pynk.

“I would love to be on P-Valley, I think it’s a great show,” she told Page Six. “I don’t necessarily have to be a stripper. For my significant other, it is her favorite show, so I would like to be on it just because of that.”

The When They See Us actor might not want to showcase her dance moves on the screen, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t practicing in private. “I always practice moves,” she said. “I’m married, and I wanna stay that way.”