Nikki Bella Reveals the Songs That Helped Her Deliver Her Baby Boy

Late last year, Total Bellas star, Nikki Bella got the surprise of a lifetime. After years of talking about motherhood, the former WWE star discovered that she and her fiancé, Dancing with the Stars‘ Artem Chigvintsev were expecting their first child together.

Bella had been in an on-again, off-again relationship with actor John Cena for years. Unfortunately one of the major points of contention in their romance was that Bella wanted children and Cena did not. However, after ending things for good with the Blockers actor and getting engaged to Chigvintsev, Bella began the biggest adventure of her life.

Chigvintsev and Bella welcomed their son, Matteo Artemovich on July 31, and it was an entire musical adventure just to bring the little one into the world.

Nikki and Brie Bella gave birth to their sons one day apart

To add to Bella’s delight, she was pregnant at the exact same time as her twin sister and Total Bellas co-star Brie. While Nikki gave birth to Matteo on July 31, Brie gave birth to her adorable son, Buddy Dessert, 22 hours later on Aug. 1.

Even more astonishing was that the sisters gave birth in rooms that were right next to one another. While Matteo is Nikki’s first child, Brie shares a three-year-old daughter, Birdie, with her husband, Daniel Bryan.

“I’ve been up since 3 a.m., but this is what I’ve wanted my whole life,” Nikki told People. “The fact that he’s here — I’m just so in love and happy.”

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Nikki Bella was shocked when her water broke

Though her due date was set for Aug. 6, Bella’s doctors had grown concerned about her blood pressure and decided to induce her, an experience she was unprepared for as a first-time mother.

As Bella and Chigvintsev waited in the doctor’s office, the 36-year-old’s water broke, leaving her astounded. The shock of it spiraled into a lengthy labor that nearly ended with a c-section. Bella revealed to People,

Artem and I were so not prepared. We barely had bags packed. I labored for 22 hours, and I pushed for two hours while wearing a mask because of COVID-19. It was 118 degrees in Phoenix, and our room wouldn’t get colder than 76 degrees, so I was burning hot the whole time. I had two more rounds of pushing [to go] until my doctor said, ‘You’re going to have to have a c-section.’ I said, ‘No, he’s coming out vaginally.’

Nikki Bella says these songs helped her deliver her baby boy

Having seen what her sister endured after having a c-section with her niece Birdie, Bella was determined to have a vaginal delivery. She was able to find the strength to push her son out after hours of labor because of two iconic songs. Those songs were The  Lumineers’ “Hey Ho” and “Ophelia.”

“I looked at Artem [who was allowed in the room with a mask], and I go, ‘Put on the Lumineers!'” Bella remembered. ” And literally we ‘Hey Ho’-ed and ‘-Ophelia’-ed Matteo into this world,” the new mom adds. “I have never pushed so hard in my life. I almost tore off the handlebars!”

It looks like both Nikki and Brie are in total baby bliss.