Nikki Glaser Admits Blake Griffin’s Roast Jokes Hurt Her Feelings

Roasts are supposed to be light-hearted but brutal takedowns of high-profile figures. Every year, Comedy Central roasts a celebrity and every year the jokes get meaner and meaner. This year, however, it took an NBA player’s ribbing of a comedian to hurt her feelings and feel bad after the roast. Nikki Glaser, who has risen to fame for her stand-up comedy, spoke to Howard Stern about how Blake Griffin’s jokes affected her. 

Blake Griffin and Nikki Glaser sitting next to each other on stage laughing
Blake Griffin and Nikki Glaser | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Who is Nikki Glaser?

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Glaser has risen through the ranks of the male-dominated comedy scene thanks to her brash delivery and care-free stylings. According to People Pill, she got her start in stand up comedy at 18 years of age. Honing her craft both at the University of Kansas, where she studied English and in the local stand-up scene, she quickly made a name for herself. 

Before long, she appeared on The Tonight Show and Conan, where many up-and-coming comedians get their biggest breaks. Her jokes were a hit, and eventually, Glaser became a bigger name that stretched well beyond comedy. She hosted podcasts, made guest appearances across several mediums, has a Netflix special, and became as known for her personality as her performances. 

She has hosted several television shows over the last decade, from Nikki & Sara Live on MTV to Not Safe with Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central. On top of hosting gigs and stand-up specials, Glaser got bit by the acting bug, appearing in hit movies such as Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck. Over the past few years, however, Glaser has become a staple at the Comedy Central Roasts. This particular roast, however, might have given Glaser second thoughts about returning to the comic free-for-all.

The Roast of Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin was an ideal candidate to get roasted by the people at Comedy Central. He is equal parts reviled and beloved, depending on who is asked. His outspoken nature and penchant for temper tantrums give roasters a lot of ammo. The thing about a roast, however, is it is not only the roastee who gets roasted but the roasters as well.

Roasts draw from a large pool of talent. Of course, it wouldn’t work without comedians, which is where Glaser came in. Other professional laugh makers included Chris Redd, Ken Jeong, Caroline Rhea, Adam Carolla, and roast staple Jeff Ross. The rest of the pool often consists of colleagues, friends, and industry professionals across the stage. 

Robert de Niro, Caitlyn Jenner, and several other big names took part in the roast, but then there was Griffin. Griffin might be a slam-dunking NBA All-Star, but he is no stranger to comedy. He has been outspoken about his desire to pursue a career in standup after he retires, and Comedy Central gave him a platform. 

Griffin pulled no punches with anyone, joking about Jenner, whose daughter dated Griffin, and making fun of the low-hanging fruits that Will and Grace star Sean Hayes produces on his hit show. With Glaser, however, things got oddly personal. Griffin targeted Glaser’s appearance and age. 

Blake Griffin vs. Nikki Glaser

“Larry Bird is here,” Griffin said near the start. “I mean, Nikki Glaser is here … You know, the only difference between Larry Bird and Nikki Glaser is that Larry Bird could actually pass as 33.”

Glaser looked visibly surprised by Griffin’s jokes, which got increasingly uncomfortable. He immediately apologized on stage. While Glaser passed them off as funny, however, they hurt her. In an interview with Howard Stern, Glaser said that she had taken a liking to Griffin. As such, while her material focused on her attraction to him, his echoed repulsion. This hurt her feelings, as Glaser claims that her attraction to Griffin was sincere. 

“It really was insulting, and hurt my feelings,” Glaser told Stern. When Stern asked if she said anything to Griffin, the comedian elaborated. “He sits back down after calling me ugly, and I’m like, I have to sit next to this guy for three hours now … This is awkward. I just declared my love. He’s like, ‘Wouldn’t touch you.'”

Glaser said that she never got a chance to talk to Griffin much after the set, but it hurt her feelings. 

Glaser isn’t the first person to get her feelings hurt at a roast. She won’t be the last, either. If anything, her experience shows that even comedians who are known for their wit and irreverence have feelings like the rest of us. Sometimes, this means that they fall victim to their own game. Perhaps, if the two ever cross paths again, Glaser can get some payback.