‘No Demo Reno’ Star Jenn Todryk Says Inflation Broke Her ‘Relatable’ Reno Budgets: ’That Doesn’t Get You Anything Anymore’

HGTV star Jenn Todryk shared unfortunate news about her “relatable” budgets on No Demo Reno. She acknowledged that part of the show’s appeal was the relatively low-cost home renovations, but she can’t get as much bang for a homeowner’s buck thanks to inflation. And that not-so-great reality will be reflected in the projects she takes on, which fans might notice have a new standard minimum cost.

Jenn Todryk of HGTV's 'No Reno Demo'
Jennifer Todryk | HGTV

Jenn Todryk says ‘No Demo Reno’ won’t be as affordable in newer episodes

Todryk told ET she thinks some fans will have a hard time processing the increased costs. “I think the thing that’s gonna be the hardest for even viewers to accept, is they loved that $50,000 that $40,000 renovation, ‘Oh my gosh this budget is so relatable,'” she explained.

But, unfortunately, a budget in that range “doesn’t get you anything anymore, at least not for the premise of [the] show,” she said. “We need at least three rooms, that’s what can hold an episode. Three rooms and then we have a B story. That’s what we have to fill the time …” she explained.

According to her, “You can’t do anything under [$85,000] right now,” and she added that $80,000 was her absolute lowest guess. “You could do more, but if we’re making a design TV show, it needs to look amazing,” she shared. “We want it to look amazing. The clients want it to look amazing.” 

Todryk explained how the price increases come from two angles, which may also be related to the hit in the luxury housing market.

Some people can’t afford to move and instead invest money to renovate their homes. At the same time, Todryk said, “You have the people who do have the money to buy — they just bought a house that they don’t actually love, they just want the school district or whatever and now they want to gut and renovate the entire thing.”

She added, “… What that’s doing is driving the price up on everything.”

Jenn Todryk’s claim to fame was a blog post

Todryk is known to HGTV viewers for No Demo Reno, but she also has a popular Instagram account where she shares behind-the-scenes insight into the show and her life at home in Texas with her husband and three kids.

She also hosts a lifestyle blog called the Rambling Redhead, where she writes, “… Honestly, I’m just a mom sharing her life on the internet hoping that no one calls her out on wearing the same sweatpants four days in a row.”

Notably, her original claim to fame was a viral blog post about pairing wines with a “child’s crappy behavior.”

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Despite the increase in costs related to the projects Todryk takes on, she still appreciates getting to do what she does. “It’s a high. I mean, I love it. [That’s] why I do it,” she told ET. 

“It’s really awesome, and … [the clients] do think it’s life-changing for them,” she added, “and I get to be part of that. I’m in their life story forever.”