‘No Demo Reno’ Star Jenn Todryk Shared a Genius Hair Hack That’s Perfect ‘For Seduction Purposes’

More than the star of HGTV‘s No Demo Reno, Jenn Todryk has amassed a legion of fans by sharing relatable glimpses into her life at home with her husband and kids. And she shared one practical hair hack that offers long-lasting results and “works swimmingly for seduction purposes.”

Read on to learn more about Todryk’s family and home life, the trick she used for curls that caught her husband’s attention, and how the couple illustrated their love for each other to fans by sharing some hilarious failures.

Jenn Todryk, shown painting for her HGTV show, has money saving tips for renovations
Jennifer Todryk | HGTV

Jenn Todryk shares life hacks from a home renovation expert, wife, and mom

Though many fans know the No Demo Reno host from her show, many knew her as the Rambling Redhead on her popular blog and Instagram. Notably, she almost turned down the offer to host the show for HGTV but had an eventual change of heart.

Todryk and her husband, Mike, live in Texas with their young kids. As for life in their house, she described it some on the blog. “Things get a little loud and chaotic over here from time to time,” she wrote. “I blame the three child beasts…Mike is loud too.”

Jenn Todryk tried the bathrobe curl hair hack and got seductive results

On No Demo Reno, Todryk shares design tricks for home renovation. On Instagram, she shares different behind-the-scenes glimpses of her home life and other life hacks.

For instance, she shared a video of herself trying what some people call the bathrobe hair hack. The trick achieves loose curls without heat by using the tie from a bathrobe. In the video, she rolled her long red hair into two twists.

“Never thought I’d sleep with a bathrobe tie in my head, but here we are,” Todryk captioned the post. “Also works swimmingly for seduction purposes.”

If you’re wondering how you can try this yourself, here are some pointers from Todryk’s video. First, she draped the robe tie evenly over her head and fastened it with a claw. Then, she took individual sections of hair and wrapped them around the belt until two different twists formed.

After that, Todryk went to bed and took the tie out in the morning. And the captivating look stayed for days, she revealed.

Jenn Todryk shares insight into her marriage, including hilarious social challenge fails, on Instagram

While Todryk is known for her home renovation successes, she also likes to share some of her failures with fans. More specifically, she’s shared a few videos of social challenge fails that she and Mike made as a couple.

“Another challenge fail and it’s all MIKE’S fault,” she wrote as the caption for one post. “This one was so dang frustrating because it looked crazy easy. I 100% [thought] we’d nail it BUT ALAS.”

In that video, the couple attempts to complete a tricky lift. Though they came close, the results didn’t have quite the same appeal as the lift in Dirty Dancing.

“I think we look decent,” Todryk noted of their attempt. And fans in the comments seemed to agree.

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