Noah Cyrus Opens up About How Miley Cyrus’ Fame Has Affected Her

Before she became well-known as an artist in her own right, Noah Cyrus was merely known as the younger sister to the famous singer/actress, Miley Cyrus and the daughter of country sensation, Billy Ray Cyrus. Growing up in such a successful family certainly has its benefits. Say what you will about the Cyrus family, but you can’t deny that music is truly the gift that runs through their blood. Two of Cyrus brothers have also made a name for themselves in the music industry. Most famously is Trace Cyrus, lead singer of Metro Station, the band that gave us the classic hit “Shake It.”

Noah Cyrus, sister to Miley Cyrus, performs her new single July
Noah Cyrus | Photo by Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

The aftermath of Hannah Montana

But, being the youngest member of such a famous family had some significant drawbacks as well. Being seven years younger than Miley Cyrus meant than Noah Cryus was only six years old when her older sister was in the height of her Hannah Montana fame. Unfortunately for the “July” singer, her young age didn’t stop people from making awful comments about her. People quite literally ripped her to shreds, harping on every little physical feature and perceived flaw.

“People pinpointing what you’re afraid of about yourself makes you hate yourself. When I was little, I wasn’t posting pictures of myself — those pictures were just on the internet because my family was my family. I read the comments about my face and things they would change about me. That made me grow to hate my face and my body. That still sticks with me,” Noah Cyrus confessed in a heartfelt interview that she gave to Paper Magazine.

July and other Noah Cyrus songs

Noah Cyrus has been candid about her struggles with mental health, that stem from both her family’s fame and toxic relationships that she’s had in the past. But, the “Make Me Cry” songstress had turned her pain into power, penning beautiful yet heartbreaking songs like “July”, “Lonely”, and most recently, “fu*kyounoah”, she shines a light on mental health, setting herself completely apart from her sister, Miley Cyrus.

A passion for mental health

Upon reflection, Noah Cyrus shared that her music has always been centered around mental health in some capacity. “It’s crazy, now that I’m thinking about it, my music has always been about mental health in a way. My very first song was about a good friend of mine who started self-harming. I wrote a song called ‘Angel,’ from the perspective of how the world would be affected if she were to leave, how we would be torn apart without her,” the 19-year-old confessed.

Though the singer’s fans never got to hear “Angel”, Noah Cyrus has gifted them with plenty of songs that touch on themes of mental health. When asked why she felt the need to make it a theme in her music, she had this to say. “I needed to prove that I had something to stand for, and mental health is the thing that I’m most passionate about in my entire life. I wanted to make sure people know that they’re not alone. The only way to stop the stigma is to listen, and talk.”

Comparisons to her sister, Miley Cyrus

But despite Noah Cyrus carving out space for herself in the music industry, she still constantly receives comparison to her famous older sister, Miley Cyrus. It certainly hasn’t been an easy pill for the 19-year-old to swallow. “Being told that you’re less than someone in your family, that can f*ck up a person. I’m not less than anybody. Miley has her platform, obviously, because she’s an amazing artist. But to each of us our own. Miley and I are completely different people,” the singer shared.

Walking in her father’s footsteps

And while Noah Cyrus definitely admires Miley Cyrus, her true admiration is for her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.”I think that’s what the public forgets is that none of us would even know what the music world is without my dad. I look up to my sister, but when people ask me about following in someone’s footsteps, I’m following in my dad’s footsteps. He’s my hero. I want to ask him to sign my t-shirt, I’m his biggest fan,” she said earnestly. Noah Cyrus has more than proven her talent in the music industry. We’re interested in seeing which direction she chooses to go in next.