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After sharing a nude photo of himself on social media, Tommy Lee is making the move to OnlyFans. Now, fans will have to subscribe to his account to see explicit content from the Mötley Crüe drummer. Find out why Lee decided to create an OnlyFans after recently sharing a picture of his penis on Twitter

Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, who recently joined OnlyFans, speaks at a press conference
Tommy Lee | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Tommy Lee shared a nude photo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in August 2022

The world is no stranger to Lee’s penis thanks to his and Pamela Anderson’s homemade sex tape, but Twitter users got another close-up of it on Aug. 11, 2022, when the rockstar shared a nude photo to social media. The image, which prominently features Lee’s uncensored penis and is still up on Twitter, was shared while he was on a “motherf***ing bender.”

“A couple weeks ago, we had a two week break off the tour,” the drummer explained to the Mötley Crüe crowd in Arlington, Texas, a few days after the post. “I go f***ing sideways as f*** and got naked and posted pictures of my d***.” 

Initially, the post was live on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, it solely exists on Twitter.

Tommy Lee is sharing nudes with OnlyFans subscribers 

On Sept. 10, a fan posted a video of Lee on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I have now gone over to a place where you can be free as f*** and you can show anybody whatever the f*** you want and they don’t take it down,” Lee says in the fan video. He proceeds to pull his pants down and show his bare butt, which reads: “OnlyFans.” 

“You can see all my s*** over there,” Lee concludes. In another video post to his Twitter account, Lee shares more details about his OnlyFans account. “… join me over at OnlyFans because I went the f*** over there because I’m tired of Instagram policing our bodies,” he said. “Head on over to the wild side.” 

“Yeah THAT Tommy Lee…. and yeah THAT D***!!!!,” the OnlyFans page reads. “Cum watch me be free.” Lee’s OnlyFans already has several posts up, including some with his wife, Brittany Furlan. Subscriptions start at $39.95 a month. 

The Mötley Crüe drummer’s nude Twitter post doesn’t violate their policy 

Within hours of Lee posting the nude image, Facebook and Instagram took it down. However, it’s still up on Twitter because it doesn’t violate any of their policies. 


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Twitter’s Media Policy allows images with “adult content” as long as they’re not shared in a “live video, profile header [images], or list banner images.” Since Lee’s post lives in his feed, it’s within Twitter’s guidelines — including the one’s they have surrounding “intimate media.” 

“Pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content are allowed on Twitter, provided that this media is marked as sensitive,” the policy reads. If you’ve seen the image flagged as sensitive, it’s likely because of your privacy settings on the platform. 

This could be the end of Lee sharing nudes on all social media. But only time will tell.